Would it be fair to compare JWs to Terrorist Organisations?

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  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    -Terrorists are prepared to die for their course,

    -JWs are prepared to die for Jehovah.

    2 Terrorists treat those with different views as enemies,

    2 JWs treat 'worldly people' as enemies.

    3 Terrorists are brainwashed from a young age,

    3 So are JWs.

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  • dgp

    I believe that the comparison is fair in the sense that both the WTBTS and terrorist groups are authoritarian organizations. They indeed share a lot. In all fairness, however, Jehovah's witnesses don't do things as crashing planes.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    There's a big difference. Terrorist use "terror" upon the general population. You know, like blowing cars and buildings and up and spreading biological diseases and other such nasties.

  • finallysomepride

    The GB use the threat of 'terror' to keep it's "Flock" in line

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  • WTWizard

    They are a terrorist organization. Regular terrorists do the destruction themselves, while the witlesses threaten that God is soon going to destroy anyone that doesn't join the cancer and stay there. Which does the same thing.

  • cameo-d

    The invisible hand of God is probably the hidden left hand of mortals employed by the spoils of the lucrative God Corp.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    It's an unfair and obnoxious comparison. Most Christians would say they are prepared to die for God. Jesus died for God; does that make him a terrorist? The accusation could be made that all religious persons are brainwashed in a sense; does that make all religious persons akin to terrorists?

    JW's absolutely refuse to take up arms and kill others in times of war. That's quite the opposite of terrorism.

    It's true that many JW parents are prepared to let their child die rather than agree to letting the child have a blood transfusion but that is not the same as terrorism. The great majority of JW's do love their children, even though they wrongly refuse to agree to blood transfusions.

  • alanv

    I'm sure terrorists families love each other but that does not stop them being suiside bombers with full family approval. They are indoctrinated from a young age to die for the cause if necessary exactly as JWs are.

    They are taught that only they are right everyone else is wrong or at best misguided. They are taught to obey the rulers with no questions asked.

    So there certainly are some strong similarities.

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