4000th post! This is how I feel . . . .

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  • nicolaou

    It'll be 9 years next month since I joined Simon's original forum at JWD. I'm not the most prolific poster but just wanted to say how much I've valued my time here and how much I appreciate all the hard work that Simon and Angharad continue to put into this place. I've learned a lot about myself and made a couple of friends, including some absent ones I miss dearly.

    Importantly, I want to say thank you to all the hundreds of posters past and present who have taught me so much and shaped me into a much nicer person than I was all those years ago.

    Love you all . . .

  • BabaYaga

    We love you, too, Nicolaou!

  • Quirky1

    Back atcha Nic..

  • cantleave

    Hey Nic, I appreciate you being on here. BTW Are you up for an Apostafest at Alton Towers?

  • nicolaou
    BTW Are you up for an Apostafest at Alton Towers?

    Possibly, is there a thread?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    9 years! Phew!

    I'm not the most prolific poster

    Usually, that's a healthy thing, especially once you've gotten out the first few rounds of venting. Glad you still say hi now and then.

    Here's to living a quality life here and now.

    Great lookin' pooch, BTW.


  • Simon

    9 years? Really? OMG ... I feel old ! LOL

    It's been great having you on the site nicolaou - you're definitely an asset to the forum and I've enjoyed reading your posts over the years

    and it IS quality that counts, not quantity ... look here for proof, ha !


    I'm sorry we never met up while we were in the UK but who knows, one day we'll maybe get the chance to share a beer.

  • finallysomepride

    Congrats, you are about 8 1/2 years ahead of me


  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, I outpaced you but I don't know that I will last as long as you.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Nice dog.

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