what does no sex mean?

by brainwashed-from-birth 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • garlic81

    It means what you get if when you are married to a JW wife and as the husband you don't go in service enough, and take a spiritual lead. Then you don't get anything in the bedroom. How do I know? Because I'm there.

  • thetrueone

    There are so many possible answers to why this relationship is in a mode of failure,

    one being that perhaps he's a fellow that has discovered his own innate homosexuality

    that has to be hidden and undisclosed for the sake of his relationship that he's involved in now.

    If this guy is healthy in body and mind, there would be strong suggestion there is indeed a problem

    of sorts. From all evidence of men who watch porn on their computers and are married, in doing so

    they get sexually excited and look for their partners for sex, if the person is actually masturbating while

    watching porn this could be the reason for not looking for their partners sexual attention.

    Relationships that become divided and are fractured to some degree are another reason for a lack

    of sexual intimacy in the bedroom. The suggestion being, that the couple argue most of the time and

    they really don't enjoy being in ones company, then the suggestion of sex and love making occurs and this regression

    outside of the bedroom continues itself right into the bedroom.

    There is probably alot of information you can grab off of the inter-net on the subject if

    you spend a little searching.

  • p.w.

    Perhaps he has a "problem" wiht his package? My F-I-L Had that problem, don't ask me how I foud out! (they are not the most private of people.) Maybve she should put on a porno and watch it wiht him?

  • Farkel

    Maybe you should just let them work it out and MYOB.


  • Opus92

    There could be a million reasons why he's turning to porn and not his girlfriend. Not all of them have to do with him being gay, cheating, or being physically unable to function. Though Farkel might not have put it in the most tactful manner , he is 100% correct.

  • Quirky1

    I agree with Farkel..

  • Outaservice

    Did I accidently get on the wrong site? I thought this was information about Jehovah's Witness type stuff?

    Oh well.


  • mrsjones5

    "Did I accidently get on the wrong site? I thought this was information about Jehovah's Witness type stuff?

    Oh well."

    Don't jws have sex?

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    This one seldom did. What Garlic 81 said.

  • RR
    what does no sex mean?

    That would be another term for "being married"

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