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    In this uncertain economy I would not make any long term financial committments. But if you must blow money on a car (whew, that's a lousy investment) look to purchase a car coming off lease. Low milles, still under warranty, and much of the depreciation has been taken.

    Besides MB is having some serious quality issues, check it out.

  • tinker

    We just bought a 02 Mercedes ML320 SUV it's a beauty, a gas guzzling beauty but we knew that going in. We liked the heavy duty build and nice features of the Mercedes brand. We have owned a 1975 250SL for 10 yrs and she is still going strong, these autos are built to last. Have you heard of the Million Mile Club, there are some Mercedes with 1,000,000 miles on them.

    Personally I like the Outback too but we needed something bigger for our business and sporting activites. The ML fit the bill, and we got a good deal.

  • watson

    Let's say that for discussion purposes, this is a hypothetical question...

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    I'll give you my Bank account details, I'll accept half the transfer fee.

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    Send what you save to me..make checks payable to "Cash"..LOL

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