i'm now a return visit! how do i stop this?

by highdose 26 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Georgiegirl

    Oh heck no. Just print off some of the stickers with the jwn website addy and the silent lambs website and put them all over the mags. Then display them prominently. They will either grab them and run (and maybe check out the sites) or stop coming by. I'd also leave out a copy of Crisis of Conscience.

  • doublelife

    Looks like they're not following procedure. They're suppose to ask for the manager. They're not suppose to leave literature with employees. Do what chickpea said. But your local KH could have five different congregations and each cong. is assigned their own territory to work in. So make sure your request gets forwarded to the congregation that's assigned to the territory your business is in.

  • nelly136

    you could always tell them there is a surcharge for advertising on your premises, £5 per each magazine or tract payable in advance.

  • Elsewhere

    > This has to stop! How do i stop it?

    Next time they come by, tell them to stop leaving their literature and that the literature is not welcome. [Done]


    It`s your Business..

    Tell your staff to stop accepting WBT$ Literature..

    ................... ...OUTLAW

  • Opus92

    Post signs (e.g., No Trespassing, No Soliciting) and tell your staff to knock it off. Problem solved.

  • dissed

    Just be polite and say no and if they argue, then you have fun and firmly tell them no.

    I had some claimed charity group come by my office. They wouldn't take no for an answer and I had to get firm. Loved the shocked look on their faces as they stumbled back out of the door.

    "But, but, but....."

  • dissed

    It could be worse.....

    Two Elders decided they would save me and kept coming back to my office. They loved talking to me in front of my employees, arg!

    Taking mgs from the JW's is just like feeding stray puppies...they will always want to follow you home.

  • changeling

    You have the power to say "thanks, but no thanks". Use it. :)

  • Quandry

    Paste a picture of Beth Sarim on the front of the magazines, or one of the older fronts showing the "generation of 1914 won't end thingy".... leave them out to see for when the witnesses come in again.

    Or as one poster said, put the silentlambs or freeminds website really big on the front. If they left them with you, you are free to do with them as you please....

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