i'm now a return visit! how do i stop this?

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  • highdose

    at my place of business which i own, i have discovered that the local JW's have taken to dropping in magazines, brocheres etc. The staff accept them just to be polite but arn't interested. But you know the deluded jw's... my business has quickly turned into someones magazine route!

    This has to stop! How do i stop it?

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    just tell them you no longer want the magazines, they will probably argue and say "cant I ask why? why do you feel that way?" just be firm and say thank you, but we don't want the magazines and don't want to discuss it, thank you, have a good day.

  • nugget

    If it doesn't stop return literature that has already been left and politely say it is not company policy to accept religious propaganda.

    Either that or if they are really persistent gather together all the literature in a bag and when they call say thank you for your call we no longer have a use for the literature as our supply of toilet paper has been reinstated please give these to someone who may get some use out them.

  • lisavegas420

    It's your business. Just tell them you don't want to advertise for their cult publishing company...and hand them back the crap.


  • blondie

    If you are the owner, you call the shots. Just tell your employees not to take any more literature and if that doesn't work, just ask that they not call.

  • chickpea

    save yourself/your business from the next
    "return visit" and just call the KH and tell
    them to take your business off the "business
    territory" and list it as a DNC (do not call)

    no one is going to argue with you....
    any employee who might be interested
    (if they try this tack) can find the number
    for the KH as readily as you did, or they
    can go find litterature at any laundromat....

    don't feel bad ! the JW who was using your
    business for an RV can brag about persecution

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Just say the word and it'll go away. I used to drop off literature at some places of business where the public would frequent, and once was asked by the attendant not to do it any longer, and that was it. No more.

    Just say the word. These days the Organization is not so much into shoving down the throat if people present an objection. Very relaxed these last days. I really enjoy it that way.


  • sir82

    Display a Ouija board prominently in the entrance. Or a deck of tarot cards. Even a large cross might do the trick.

  • Mysterious

    Put a no religious soliciting sticker on your door. :)

  • WTWizard

    I might add getting a supply of tracts from another religion. Each time the witlesses leave you any littera-trash, take it under the condition that they have to read the tract from the other religion. If they will not agree to reading the tract, you do not read their littera-trash.

    They are programmed not to accept that kind of deals.

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