Odd CO talk...ever hear anything like this?

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  • bobld

    In Noah's day.What have the animals done to deserve justice(death).


  • blondie


    Peter2:4-5) . . .; 5 and he did not hold back from punishing an ancient world, but kept Noah, a preacher of righteousness, safe with seven others when he brought a deluge upon a world of ungodly people;

    This is the scripture the WTS refers to regarding Noah and preaching. There is nothing in Genesis

  • cameo-d

    The Aramaic bible is slightly different:

    4. For if God did not forbid the angels that sinned, except for tying them by the chains of darkness in the lower regions, and delivering them to enforce the executioner's sentence,
    5. And to the first world He did not forbid, except for protecting Noah's eight preachers of righteousness, as the floods came upon a depraved world.

    It has also been said that it had to do with his pure uncorrupted bloodlines.

    Could it be that the watchers were playing with genetics between animals and humans and this was the reason for the destruction?

    Perhaps this was the age of the minotaurs?

    And what's this about letting the evil angels loose to carry out executions?

  • purplesofa

    Situation 2: The world of Noah's day was exceedingly evil. Justice demanded the immediate death of everyone. But God granted undeserved kindness and allowed that society to exist another 120 years. During that time of undeserved kindness, Noah performed a righteous act by preaching and building an ark, so God showed mercy by allowing him to live.

    Hasn't there been discoveries that there were civilizations throughout the Earth at the same time frame of the Noah account. I hardly think Noah was able to preach about the upcoming flood to the entire Earth in 120 years time.

  • dissed

    Oh I get it.

    Those evildoers during Noah's time were sentenced to death, but by JG's "mercy", he delayed their execution for 120 years. Sort of like they were on 'Death Row' with no chance of a reprieve coming from the 'Big Governor Guy' in the sky.

  • babygirl30

    Wrong. The Biblical account is quite clear: God had already made up his mind that EVERYONE save Noah and family was to die. It never said God told Noah to preach a single thing, and it never said Noah preached a single thing. Even if he did, what would be the message? "You are all going to die. God says so. So there." What good would preaching something like that do? Nothing!

    THAt is the stuff that makes me cry...because it's yet ANOTHER reminder that I grew up in a 'bubble' of false information and BELIEVED it all those years! It really is like the rug getting pulled right out from under me.

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