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  • AggieNostic

    Hello all. As some may know, My family and I no longer associate with JWs - we are neither DF'd nor DA'd. we last attended about 4 years ago (seems longer...) Anyway, my wife has lunch occasionally with her folks - I never get invited and rarely associate with the in laws - my FIL says I have destroyed his family... so tensions are somewhat high and it's quite uncomforable whenever we are in the same room - always nice/pleasant, but very shallow relationship now.

    My in-laws attended the international convention in Trinidad a couple of weeks ago and while having lunch with my wife last week, my MIL made the comment to her that "if we had only attended one of these international conventions, we would never had stopped attending meetings... we would have seen the unity and love among the brothers... etc..."

    This really irritates me... we were 38 and 39 years old when we stopped attending - both of us had been pioneers, me an elder... we were deep in the Org... and my MIL thinks that going to an international convention was the missing element in our spiritual lives? HAHAHA! how totally out of touch they are...

    I would love to tell them both how we truly feel about JWs, but it would hurt them and it would be of no benefit. My wife just let the comment pass and changed the subject - that is the extent of any religious conversations with our JW families... just smile and nod and move on. It's sad in a way that they shy away and are afraid to ask any direct questions as to why we no longer believe. What they don't know wont hurt them I guess... and we dont wish to hurt them.

    no biggee, just wanted to share...

  • Gregor

    So predictable. The emotional kick in the pants from days and hours of intense convention hype gets them all jacked up for a few days/weeks or whatever. I see the same reaction with most desparate JW's who are starting to find it difficult to keep a boner. They badly need someone to get on the high with them. All will be spent shortly and they will crash.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    MILF? go on

    on a serious note: "if we had only attended one of these international conventions, we would never had stopped attending meetings... we would have seen the unity and love among the brothers... etc..."

    Reply: "Yeah! I totally agree! And also if I was present at all the SEXUAL ACTS THAT ELDERS APPOINTED BY HOLY SPIRIT WERE COMMITING ON INNOCENT CHILDREN... I am sure I would have seen SO MUCH LOVE.




  • mamochan13

    I find those kinds of comments irritating, too. As if the one particular Watchtower (SUCH a good article!) or one single event will send us running back to the organization. I remember countless talks in which the speaker insisted that all it might take was some small act to bring someone into the fold. As if we left because of one single, small event and did so without due thought and consideration.

    They live by their "if onlies". Yeah, sure. You might have seen some love and unity on the surface at the international convention (assemblies were always great for stirring up this kind of emotion) but that doesn't cover up all the slimy worminess underneath. Thank goodness those of us who have truly awakened are not swayed by such false superficial things.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Slimy worminess doesn't beging to describe it. They're no better than my neighbor down the street...

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Just got back from my first cruise a coupla weeks ago. While waiting at the airpot in miami back to detroit we met a good JW couple that was at the convention in trinidad. Like good dubs they had their badges still on :ROTFLMAO: While they had there badges on convo was general they did not try and talk up the convention.

  • wobble

    It might make a difference to see this "love and unity" at a convention if it were unique, which of course it is not.

    Attend any large gathering of any Christian group and you will witness love and unity in action.

    You can of course see the same thing,almost, at a football game, its just that the unity is in two groups.



  • cantleave

    Conventions tend to impress newly interested people, but to someone who has been up in the cult they are a tedious waste of time.

  • nugget

    Conventions are like any gathering people catching up with old friends. It isn't love or unity it's networking. Unity is a red herring after all since everyone chose to be there in the first place. Yes they came from different countries and backgrounds but they all chose to attend. It would be more remarkable if they had bused in some atheists and evolutionists and seen if they were affected by the love and unity.

  • nelly136

    "we would have seen the unity and love among the brothers"

    why on earth should jws have to cross continents to find some, shouldn't that be evident at local kh's ?

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