Why Would Someone Like me Leave the "Truth"? Part 5 (Final Installment)

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  • cantleave

    Thank you for your comments. It is good to know that the account has proved helpful to others as well as to me. It won't stop me feeling guilty for some of the things I was part of but I do know that I share this with the organisation that encourages men to behave in this way.

  • moshe

    whatever got you out was good and now for part 6= the best of your life!

  • FreeAtLast1914

    CantLeave, excellent story. The part about your kid talking about the Halloween candy at the Hall had me rolling. But I didn't catch your current status. You resigned from the BOE, but are you still going for appearances?

  • jookbeard

    excellent conclusion, is it possible to paste together the whole 1-5 episodes and email them to me?

    Well done C/L you should be applauded for your stand and be very proud

  • Quandry

    Thanks, can'tleave, for your story.

    It is sad that the elder who wanted to protect his daughter would probably have been harsh to someone else's in a JC.

  • cantleave

    Freeatlast1914 - We still make an appearance now and again. But everything is done on our terms. We rarely if ever stay for the whole thing, and only take the kids to see their friends at the hall. They are making friends outside and hopefully won't be dependant on those in for much longer. We have told them they will be celebrating their birthdays this years as well as Easter and other celebrations. It is important to remember these events strated 9 months ago, So we are fading quite fast, and neither of us worried about the elders, the wort they can do is DF us, that won't be ideal, but it is not a disaster either. The chances are we will never attend an assembly again - hooray!!! Unless of course an aposate convention is arranged for the UK with lots of beer.

  • KingDavidwasframed

    cantleave - the only thing I feel guilty about now is how I treated people going through hardships when I was a pious JWasee. I have talked with a few and they are cool with it because they realized that I was a company man. It is amazing how more forgiving those are who have become free than those who claim to be in the special favor. If you talk to those that you feel you hurt over the years, I am sure they will let you know they understand.

    On another note, I am just curious, not judging, but I wonder why you would celebrate Easter now? Personally, I have begun celebrating birthdays because I never really understood the stance on that and New Years because it is just a party now anyway. But Easter I don't understand. I hope you do not mind me asking.

  • zoiks

    Cantleave - I just wanted to add my word of thanks to all of the others. Your story is a testament to your character and I personally can relate to much of what you have gone through. Thanks for adding your voice (Nugget's is very much appreciated too!) to this varied and special group of people.


  • cantleave

    On another note, I am just curious, not judging, but I wonder why you would celebrate Easter now?

    I never see a question as being Judgemental and this is a good one .

    The answer is quite simple, I see the ban on celebrating easter a part of the JW control mechanism, its there to make the R+F different, so it doesn't fit in with the rest of the community. I don't care if it has Pagan roots or is a celebration of Christs death.

    I see it as a celebration of the renewal that comes during springtime. I know my kids will enjoy hunting for Easter eggs and it will help us to integarate into village life where easter is celebrated by the schools and community.

  • besty

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