I Have a Theory - It Will Make The Society Tons of Cash

by Sam Whiskey 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • WTWizard

    I wonder if it is possible to find a way to unlock those pdf's so us apostates can alter these washtowels and allow those who are in the cancer to see their way right out of it.

  • Heaven

    They could start charging an annual membership fee. Lots of clubs and organizations do this.

  • moshe

    I still don't see any real advantage to Brooklyn- so what if they need to buy some new printing presses, the brothers will pay for it- or they can just outsource the printing to some 3rd world country. Cheap looking Kinko copies won't attract very many new members, either. The only way I can see this as being something good for the WT, is if they are going to downsize their D2D work to just followup calls to people who have contacted the WT website for more info. The brothers will save a lot of money as they won't be buying and giving away tons of free literature anymore. They won't be wasting gas driving around the territory knocking on doors for the 100th time. But, I don't forsee them doing away with the D2D work anytime soon- it's not the GB's time and gas that is being wasted.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Fianallysomepride and Jafo, No, I'm as disgusted with them as the next guy, no love here. But...I'm just trying to think ahead a little. It was just an exercise in "possibilities" for the cult. Everyone likes to speculate they might be doing, I was just taking a shot. With all of the pedophile issues (lawsuits), contributions lagging, etc... I was just pondering the course they might take in the future.

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm NOT trying to help them, just doing a forward thinking.

  • nugget

    I think yoy are right the society has missed a trick here. They have already simplified the mid week meeting providing most of the material on one document. It would certainly simplify things if rather than taking a songbook, ministry school book, gods love book, reasoning book, etc we could have all the requirements for each meeting on a pdf file for printout before the meeting. Think it would stop people leafing through the books when they should be listening. If printed material was limited to those without internet access then the volume of printing would be reduced dramatically. In some locales there could be a documant servant responsible for downloading material for those without computers.

    It's genius. Lets hope they don't cotton on.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Nugget, LOL thanks for the Genius comment, but I hope they don't catch on either.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I do see this step in the future, but with many steps inbetween. I think that they will continue to print some new material for release at the conventions- it gives a reason for the members to go. They can say that the new materials will only be available at conventions and will run out and never reach the congregations' literature counters. That gets the members to go and donate cash for the materials directly to WTS. Instead of printing 20 million or so of a new book, they only need to print 7 million for the members. They will continue to offer "thinner" items to the public- flyers and invitations.

    Meanwhile, they can stop printing the "members only" mags and offer it on the net as you have outlined.

    Steps like ceasing all printing need to be adjusted to. Each step along the way can be used to guilt the members into donating, saying how they are letting Satan get to them and their donations force these changes.

    Awake will go away, then the last thing to go will be Watchtower. They will have a few million extra NWT Bibles on hand to last several years before selling off the printing equipment. I even doubt they will sell off printing equipment. They will just use it until it is worn out, then not replace it.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Onthewayout, Yes. I see it similar to that as well. Slowly...perhaps even keeping a press or two for minimal printing needs.

  • dgp

    WT Wizard, in fact PDF's are easy to unlock and tamper with. I have two pieces of legitimate software that let me do just that. Of course, you would need the password, but hackers have already found a way to overcome that. UNFORTUNATELY, the WTBTS would also be able to change the PDF's, much more easily than it could make old magazines disappear. Or, it could claim that an old copy of the PDF was doctored by apostates.

    You can even underline the PDF's if you want .

    On the other hand, giving PDF's away can backfire (and I hope it will). Now you can tell the witness at your door that you have the PDF, and that you will call him (or, more likely, her) if you need help. That is called "INDEPENDENT STUDY", and, as far as I know, the WTBTS hates that.

    Developing countries will have trouble with this. On the other hand, offering things as PDF's can backfire in another way. Free people can link to the WTBTS site and lead "Watchtower studies" that way. There's no way for the society to deny that its own site is doctored, is there? The internet is the society's big enemy, because it does away with milieu and information control (thanks, Steven Hassan), and now they are encouraging internet use.

  • diamondiiz

    Change PDF format to JWDF format, redo pdf reader technology to their new format and sell this crap to the dubs so they can appreciate all the work that the brothers are doing for their own good at bethal. That way only r&f members could download this precious lifesaving material on their own readers which would stop the evil apostates from having access to this and they could claim that it was a heavenly provision to keep the minds of unbelievers blinded from this wonderful food source.

    If PDF readers sell for around $100 they use comparable price as a basis for recieving donations and let the money flow in, updates will be required every couple years and you have a 7million or so users willing to spend extra cash to be up to date with the WT$ chariot. This way they can lay off most of the wts stuff and print only a monthly mag for the public.

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