I Have a Theory - It Will Make The Society Tons of Cash

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  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    I have long held theory that the Society can easily cease it's printing operations and increase it's profit margins. How? Follow this scenario...

    As we all know, the printed word and accompanying illustrations in the WT and Awake can be converted to PDF format (PDF is a format that can be locked so that the recipient cannot change the contents) upon the completion of each individual magazine. It would therefore be very easy for the Society to email or to put up on a server the WT and Awake for retrieval by the presiding overseer of each congregation. Now...imagine the PO having just downloaded the WT to his desktop. He can now take that file via memory stick to a local Kinko's and have an unlimited number of Watchtower's and Awake printed, stapled and folded just like the ones from Brooklyn at the cost to the congregation...NOT the Society.

    Voila....no need for Society printing presses. Even the same can do done with all of the traditionally hard bound books, just print print them as needed and spiral bind them at the local congregation level. Print one or print up a thousand.
    Or, this can all be done at a circuit level. One group could be responsible for the Circuits printing needs and distributed on a local level.

    Now, the Society can still ask for more donations and totally remove the cost of printing, packaging, shipping (with their own trucks and paying for fuel-no more expensive Tractor Trailers to buy and maintain, with insurance). No more labor to print, assemble and bind the books and magazines. No more cost of food and housing to feed and house these workers. They could literally knock the whole operation at Brooklyn (which I understand is in the process of moving to Canada? If anyone can confirm) down to say...150 people? And even that number may be bloated.

    Now, figure this. My friend got a Kindle from Mrs. Claus (his wife) and low and behold, what do you think he found for reading material at Amazon.com? You guessed it, WTB&TS books and magazines....for sale. Yep, you can buy them right online. So, now, let's take this one step further.

    Let's suppose everyone in the congregation has a new Kindle. What if the latest WT study article was made available by download to everyone that had a Kindle...for a "contribution" price. With a Kindle, you can underline, just like a paper version of the WT. You can look up Scriptures by tapping on the screen where the scripture is cited as a reference.

    So you see, I think there is a change in the wind. Maybe not now, but it's coming, it has to. It costs too much to print and distribute when there is no need to. Just offload it to the congregations.

    What are your thoughts? Am I off base here? Is this a long shot, or could it be a reality in the near future. If they hadn't thought of it by now, I'm sure this post will get them somehow. Put yourselves in their shoes, how could you turn your back to this concept?

  • What-A-Coincidence

    :suppose everyone in the congregation has a new Kindle

    NO. They would ask that money be donated. UNLESS ... they buy it for them and require a subscription ala like what CELL PHONE COMPANIES DO

    I like your entre-pa-nurr spirit though

  • dgp

    Oh, I would have a lot to say in this regard. But, since I do not particularly want the WTBTS to continue to ruin the lives of millions of people, I would rather NOT suggest anything. Let's not save them any money and fill their pockets even more, ok?

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    It sounds like a good way to cut costs, the only problem is the older ones like my mother is not computer savvy at all. Can not use a desk top, I gave her one, can not check messages on voicemail on cell phone even though I showed her 3 times how to do it. Maybe cut half of printing, then scale it down gradually. Very plausable theory.

  • moshe

    How could the society charge much for this email service? They couldn't sell these Kinko copies in the D2D work either. As long as the brothers pay whatever the marked up price for the mags is and then give most of them away they don't care what happens to the the mags after they are shipped..

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Moshe, the whole point is to remove the printing process...stay with me now... Reread....and let simmer.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Out at last, yes, now you're talking...take it slowly. Think of the impact, if only they reduced printed copies by 50%....huge savings. Those that can use technology could choose to do so, the others that don't, don't. You can bet on this though, if I've thought of it, they've thought of it. It's coming, I'll promise you that.

    They have to think of better and cheaper ways to distribute....it's a force that has to be reckoned with. Especially since wallets are getting tighter....

  • parakeet

    That might work in the North America, Europe and other places with widespread technology availability. But dubs in third-world nations might be hard-pressed to get their pubs this way and then have to make copies. In countries that are lumber-poor, the cost of copying would be prohibitive for most dubs.

  • finallysomepride

    Sam Whiskey

    Are you sure you are on the right site for making that statement?

  • JAFO

    Yeah Sam.. sounds almost like you WANT those mu**af**kers to stay viable, instead of doing the decent thing and commiting hara-kiri.

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