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    Questions That JW's Can't Answers - #144 in a series.....

    "What is the scriptural basis for applying restrictions to newly reinstated ones?"

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    Besty... Indeed !

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    yadda yadda 2

    They say it is to help the person ease back in gradually and to not impose burdens/responsibility on them too soon while they're building themselves up spiritually again, but it is also out of respect for the congregation's conscience, meaning that some in the congregation might find it offensive if someone reinstated is immediately in the limelight again, up on the platform giving talks, giving prayers, answering up a lot, etc. It's seen as a period of contrition or humbling before the congregation I guess, but it can feel terrible for the reinstated person. I can understand their reasons even though the policy is only tenuously supported in scripture.

    I'm sure Blondie or someone can find some official quotes on the subject.

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    Yadda Yadda 2 I get what you're saying. But for the congragation's 'conscience' to be 'offended'. Oh My God! Is this really one of the reasons ? Its worse than I thought! Why would any True Christian with REAL LOVE for their Lost Brother be 'offended' that he was merged back into the fold? If this is seen as a period of contrition or humbling....then what is the period of being disfellowshipped for? Personally....I DONT understand their reasons.

    When you look at the example of the Prodigal Son, (which the WT uses in the case of DF ones), none of the above applies. Lost son comes back, is welcomed and embraced even before he gets to the house, is given every 'privelege' that can be bestowed upon him..............(fancy robe, fattened calf...etc).....And the brother, who is standing back watching this, is seen as a BAD EXAMPLE because he takes the huff, and 'finds it offensive'.

    It was not seen fit for this 'lost son' to be 'eased back gently' into his home or family. He wasnt brought back into his home and made to sit in the corner or be quiet for a few months.......NO! He was IMMEDIATELY back in the limelight and was the cause of much rejoicing in that household....The same as in Luke 15 : 7.

    Can u tell me where its supported tenuously in scripture please?

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    yadda yadda 2

    I agree with you iknowall558. I'm too lazy to find the WTS scriptural explanation for it but they do have one. Some website probably has it. Maybe has it somewhere.

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    OK Did my homework. I didnt find any scriptural basis for withholding privileges after reinstatement......but think I found a CONTRADICTION... : D

    WT 98 10/1 pg 17 :

    "We must remember,however, that most in the congregation are not aware of the particular circumstatnces that led to a person's expulsion or to his reinstatement. In addition, there may be some who have been personally affected or hurt, perhaps even on a long-term basis by the wrongdoing of the repentant one. Being sensitive to such matters, therefore, when an announcement of reinstatement is made, we would understandablly WITHOLD expressions of welcome until such can be made on a personal basis."

    KM 2, 00, 7


    ......"Even so, as joyful as we are when a relative or aquaintance is reinstated, a QUIET dignity should prevail at the time that the persons reinstatement is announced in the congregation. (WT oct 1st, 1998, pg 17). Although we are happy to see someone return to the truth, applause at the time of his or her reinstatement...WOULD NOT BE APPROPRIATE." ( They'd better tell God he got it wrong again in Luke 15:7).

    Now flipping the coin............

    WT 91, 4/15, pg 23

    "another area for showing mercy is when an expelled one is reinstated. Jesus illustrations highlight the JOY in heaven when 'one sinner repents' (luke 15:7,10). Paul wrote to the Corinthians rearding the man that had been disfellowshipped: "You should kindly forgive and comfort him, that somehow such a man may not be swallowed up by being overly sad. Therefore I exhort you to confirm your love for him. (2Cor 2:7,8). Let us apply that advice soberly and lovingly in the days and weeks after a person is reinstated.

    Jesus illustration of the prodigal son brings up a DANGER that we NEED TO AVOID! The older brother did not rejoice at the prodigal sons return but was RESENTFUL. MAY WE NOT BE LIKE THAT, harbouring ill will over a past wrong, begrudging that persons being reinstated. Rather, our goal is to be like the father, who illustrated JEHOVAHS RESPONSE. The father was happy that his son, who was lost and seemed as good as dead, was found or came to life. (Luke 15L25-32). Accordingly, we will freely speak to the reinstated brother and otherwise encourage him. Yes, we should make it evident that we are showing mercy as our heavenly father does.

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    KM 3/83

    "Questions have been raised as to how long one must WAIT after a reproof or reinstatement before QUALIFYING for appointment as an auxilliary pioneer. Since all pioneers are required to be EXEMPLARY in conduct, this privilege may not be extended to one until AT LEAST ONE YEAR has passed following a reproof or reinstatement from Disfellowshipping or Disassociation. All RESTRICTIONS imposed by the Judicial Committee must already be removed."

    Other contradication.....?

    Jd pg 147 - 48

    "Jehovah makes it clear that he treats with 'dignity' those who do return, accepting back as FULL RECIPIENTS of his love, ..........Jehovah tells of the way he treated his servants.."I became to them as those LIFTING OFF A YOKE .......We can imitate him by our not being RIGID or cool toward one who manifested godly sadness and GENUINE repentance. Once he has been accepted back into the congregation, rather than displaying resentment or holding any grudge against him over his past errors, we should speak consolingly to him as needed. (1Thess 5:14 )

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    The Rapster

    A carefully placed contribution toward a new roof or plumbing for the KH should alleviate any roadblocks for redemption.


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