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  • Farkel

    :If these 'requirements' are MET, and the person is reinstated, then WHY are they still put under restriction

    There is only one thing in WatchtowerWorld that is absolute, and that is unquestioning subservience.

    Even their forgiveness is conditional.


  • doublelife

    You could also ask, with this same scripture in mind, why are jws not allowed to clap when the reinstatement announcement is made?

  • flipper

    DOUBLELIFE- Good point. I hated it when they stopped clapping for reinstated people. It's like, " Oh yeah, more joy in heaven exists for a repentant one , but NOT in the congregations and WT society ! "

    IKNOWALL558- It involves the reinstated person showing total submission to the WT society and it is about THEM controlling reinstated people . It also involves that the WT society is a mind control cult which keeps it's members controlled through guilt and fear. If they restrict privileges to a reinstated person - they have achieved their goal of making him feel no value within him or herself. WT society is ALL ABOUT taking self esteem out of people like deflating a ballooon of air ! It's truly disgusting. Jehovah's Witnesses ARE NOT a religion - they ARE a dangerous mind control cult

  • mamochan13

    It was explained to me that restrictions were supposed to be in place to recognize that the returnee was in a weakened spiritual condition and needed help and extra support until they were completely back in the fold once again.

    Bizarrely enough, when I was reinstated, they proudly told me that I would have NO restrictions at all. I guess I was supposed to be extra grateful, but it left me thoroughly confused. Did it mean they were saying they should never have DFd me in the first place because I was actually really spiritually just fine and dandy? Did it mean I did not need any extra support after being shunned for a year and a half?

  • etna

    My wife just got re-instated(I have faded and will not come back). She got re-instated so she could have a relationship with her kids and grandkids(this is our 2nd marriage). She wrote a letter 4 months ago and her first cong. took 10 weeks to get in contact with her(after she asked and asked what was going on). Then after she met with them they said they would write a letter to her current cong. 4 weeks later her current cong ask her if she had heard from them and she said they were going to wirite a leeter the next day. The P O from her current cong rang the dickhead elder from her first cong and he said he was just drafting a letter(after 4 weeks). So they finally re-instated her and from one to the next she is hugged and loved and welcomed back with open arms, but 24hours before they wouldn't even look at her(go figure). They are a bunch of mind controling a--holes.


  • iknowall558

    DOUBLE LIFE - Yes, good point. I forgot about that.

    FLIPPER - Indeed you are right! That is the answer! Its the only answer to the question! Making someone feel of no value and taking away their self esteem is what they are experts at....that way, theyve got them where they want them.

    My friend got reinstated about 2months ago now, and still has no privileges. He feels very much not a part of things and still feels like he's being judged and punished. He gets quite down and depressed about it at times and has felt like just getting up and going home from the fact, I think he has done.

    Like Etna, has said, he waited and waited for the elders to meet with him when he submitted his request for reinstatement. He was the one continually on their case, asking 'when' they were going to come and talk to him about it. They didnt seem to be in a hurry to do so. He got frustrated and angry about it....and I suppose, even that, is demeaning and humiliating, when you are made to feel that you are almost begging to be let back in. Then of course, when you need to wait' again....until the elders see fit that you can raise your hand and give a prepared answer at the WT study. Yes, it is all very deflating.

    WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Yes, I had a look at WT take on Luke 15 : 7 and the whole article was discussing 'spiritually weak ones' in the congregation and what each one can do to encourage them to come back to the meetings. (It was not discussing DF ones or reinstated ones) I will have a look at their take on Reinstatement....and see what gems I can find.

  • JAFO


    You say that like it's a good thing...

    To answer your question.. It's to remind you of (and put you in) your place.. "Don't forget, we're in charge. What we say goes!"

  • iknowall558

    JAFO nice to make your aquaintance.

    You say that like it's a good thing...

    Hmm....How you can gage a tone of voice and attitude from one word typed on a thread is beyond ; ) I obviously dont think its a good you've prob. worked out....and I agree with you as does just about everyone else....that 'Control' is behind everything they say.

  • JAFO

    Nice to meet you too, Iknowall.. imagine just a touch of amused, joking sarcasm and you'd have the tone about right.. (in my comment that is, not your post) and not directed at you, of course, the rest of your post makes your feelings and intent clear.. but hey, I have a warped sense of humour, and it refuses to stay locked up!

    My inspiration:

  • iknowall558

    jafo ... lmao

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