What things are pagan in origin?

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  • garybuss

    Define "pagan"

  • Satanus


    The way i see it, is nature based or derived as opposed to communicated supposedly directly from god. Nature based would include heavenly stuff like astrology, sun adoration, harmony w nature, respect for nature and the environment, and things like that, as opposed to gods command to have all these things in at our command/disposal/subjection to use/abuse/transform/destroy as christians see fit until jesus comes and saves christians from themselves.

    SS - amen, praise the lord and pass the ammunition, come lard jeeezs!

  • garybuss

    To the Hebrew people, a pagan is anyone not a Jew. That is the Biblical definition. The Jews had a beginning according to their own history books . . . not of Jewish origin. I have seen nothing on the planet not of non-Jewish (pagan) origin including the Jews. Christianity, Islam and their deviant groups are all of Jewish origin.

    History of origin is not important to reality. History of origin is only important to justification. And justification is only important to pacify guilt or to control others.

    All food is of pagan origin. Let the apologists disprove that by the same tests given to elements they condemn. :-)

  • indireneed

    What is pagan? According to OT Judaism, basically the whole New Testament is of pagan origins. This doesn't even look at what was borrowed by our good Jewish friends to make their Torah.

    What comes from Greek thought? The idea of a 'son of a god', much like any of the Greek gods coming down to get some human booty. But even more so is the idea of a son of a god coming down to save people from the heavenly wars.

    Additionally, many of early Christianity thoughts and ideologies came from Aristotelean and Platonic schemes. Hmm, the WT literature makes sense here.

    But what about other aspects? Baptism was an ancient custom, as well as the idea of communion. Also, many aspects of Jesus' life were also 'robbed' from antiquity - the virgin birth, many of the miraculous cures, etc. had all been written about before.

    Were all these 'pagan' elements just Satan trying to make it look pagan? Who knows. All I know is that if one tries to escape from the pagan, we're going to be living like Abraham and tending sheep. I'd like to see the GB doing a little real work for a living . . .

  • garybuss

    If you tell me something is pagan, I will ask you who you are trying to control and why . . .

  • Satanus


    What has it got to with being a jew? What exactly are you saying?

    SS who is confused by double negatives

  • bluesapphire

    My personal two favorites are:

    Circumcision and water immersion baptism were both practiced by pagan religions before they became Jewish and Christian.

    JWs get all twisted up when I mention those!

  • garybuss


    The idea of the term "pagan" came from the Jews and was used to simply describe anyone not a Jew.

    The superstitious use of the term to poison the well is a more modern use and is a tremendous deviation.

    Pagan has come to some to mean not Christian, Muslim or Jewish and by some dictionaries: "Not subscribing to one of the main religions of the world.".

    Think how ridiculous it is to be afraid of one thing - like having a party on a certain date, such as a birthday celebration, because it is "pagan" - while eating 3 meals a day and all the food eaten at every meal is of non-religious or non-Jewish (pagan) origin.

    The term "pagan" is just another trigger in the loaded language used by one human to control another. The term "pagan" in the loaded language means bad, unacceptable.

    The idea that the historical origin of some item or event is relevant based on religion or race is amusing to a pragmatist.

    Superstition is a working delusion used to suspend free will and critical thinking and used to turn over one's life to the interpreters of the signs.


  • roybatty

    Thanks for the replies. Yeah, Mike047, I guess Tyrell corporation would make a good pagan religion.
    Hey Gary, I guess when I say "pagan" or hear that word used I think of something non-Christian. Not bad or good, just non-Christian. All I'm try to do is explain to my two kids (who have a JW mom you pumps them full of WT teachings) that many, MANY things we do and say have "pagan" origins. And I do believe what your saying about "controlling" people by using the term "pagan." I know that their mom does as well as the WT does. As soon as something is labeled "pagan", the mind shuts and there is no reasoning on the matter. Kind of like when a JW labels someone as an apostate. Control indeed.

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    "YK is his name, false prophecy is his game"

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