What things are pagan in origin?

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  • Hojon
    I don't think the pagans were celebrating Christ
    so is it pagan to not celebrate Christ?

    The pagan weren't celebrating Christ, then again neither is a Christmas tree, Frosty the Snowman or just about anything else that is done at Christmas.

    Humans have had mid-winter and winter-solstice celebrations for a lot longer than Christianity has been around.

  • waiting

    I believe most things related to a typical wedding are pagan:

    White dress
    Father giving daughter away
    weil lifted by new husband
    long reception party afterwards
    gifts prettily adorned
    rice/flowers tossed
    bouquet tossed
    garter on bride's thigh
    garter removed by husband
    fancy wedding cake
    first toast of champagne
    first dance by couple
    bride's family paying for everything

    Lord, and that's only a partial listing from memory! If one wanted to get technical......all traditions that predate christianity are pagan....and afterwards, the christians adapted many of them into their religious lifestyle.


  • CPiolo

    Wedding Rings
    Days of the Week
    Months of the Year
    The Western Roman Alphabet (from Sumerian/Babylonian origins) better not open your Bible or any Watchtower literature translated into most major Western languages, i.e. English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.

    As waiting pointed out, so much of daily life is of pagan origin that it's pretty petty and absurd trying to figure it all out.


  • mike047

    The TYREL Corporation??

  • voltaire

    The awake had an article about pants being invented by the Celtics. On the count of three, everybody drop'em. One..., two...

  • ThiChi

    voltaire: Ha hahaaaahaaa Heheheeeeeeee, Im rolling...good one!

    “Cancel my subscription to the resurrection. Send my credentials to the House of Detention, I got some friends inside.....” The Doors

  • anewperson

    The Bible gives names of early Christians whose names were the same as or derived from pagan gods and goddesses such as Apollos and Nympha. God saw fit to have them as Christians despite the pagan origins of their names -- contrast to the Watchtower's stand on pagan-derived things. For that matter coins may have come from pagans. Of course scripture also says to become known as "reasonable" and the WTS fails repeatedly at that.

  • teejay

    The notion that 1. Good would win out against Evil at the end of time and 2. the very idea of a Supremely Good Deity at war against an Utterly Evil are -- yes -- of pagan origin.

    It started in ancient Persia and the Jews bought into the concept. When Cyrus set them free in the 6th century B.C.E., they added the precept to their religion. And we all know what religion followed closely on the heels of Judaism...

    The idea of a Jehovah God being of pagan origin... what a concept.

  • ISP

    Capuccino (coffee) is pagan!


  • Satanus

    Mike, of the pagan blade runner class. Lol

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