Unbelievable!!! ,The Watchtower is still teaching the old generation doctrine!

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  • 1914BS


    That makes perfect sense. The brochures are just like the public version of the Watchtower mag. I do not understand how God's communication channel is still teaching the "old light" . Certainly, the Watchtower Society is not used by God in any way.

    How long has the Watchtower Society taught this false "generation" teaching? The link(s) below indicates at least 10 years because complaints were made 10 years ago of this very thing.


    Where you will find this link http://www.watchtowernews.org/generationquotes.htm

    Yet the Society refuses to take down it's own APOSTATE material.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I believe this speaks more to the incompetence of the WTS in the way that it clumsily manages its website and publications. This article was no doubt placed online before the change, but has not yet been taken down.

    I actually think this shows how unimportant the Watchtower.org website really is. The WTS has not developed theif flagship website very well, a tetstament to their overall opinion of online media.

  • 1914BS

    Drew sagan

    Oh, but they have the best computer programers there I mean look at MEPS geeeeee!!!!!

  • yesidid


    'Wasn't the change in 1995?

    Don't think they had much on their website before then.


  • 1914BS

    Did they have a web site in 95?

    They could design MEPS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multilanguage_Electronic_Phototypesetting_System

    but can not maintain a web site

  • AllTimeJeff

    JW's are legends in their own mind.

    One thing that JW's and ex JW's sometimes (sometimes) share in common is thinking that everyone else gives a crap about them. As we ex JW's continue to learn, JW's are very very very very very small time. This is why the Generation lie/false prophecy doesn't rattle anyone other then ex JW's. We have to remember, everyone else already knows that JW's are full of sh*t. We are the caboose on that train.

    No one gives a rats @$$ that they developed a computer program. They got some free pub on MEPS because they rolled it out right around the time of Return of the Jedi and Tron.

    Computers aren't such a novelty anymore.

  • 1914BS

    hot off the presses please wait ...........................................

    First go to http://www.watchtower.org

    Click on “index”
    Click on “religion”
    Click on “Look! I Am Making All Things New”

    UNFORTUNATELY --- THE LINK TO “Look! I Am Making All Things New” brochure .............. IS NOW GONE!!!!!

    That link used to be there the last time I posted on this thread!!

    but the link to the actual brochure still exists at http://www.watchtower.org/e/lmn/article_11.htm

    Thank goodness for apostates

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