Unbelievable!!! ,The Watchtower is still teaching the old generation doctrine!

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  • 1914BS

    This is nuts. The FEb 15 -08 WT threw out that doctrine!!. Those whose make it into the paradice ARE NOT THE "GENERATION" as spoken of at Matthew 24:34.

    The "generation" is the "anointed" according to the Feb 15 WT. The anointed are supposed to die either at the big A or shortly thereafter.

    Look at this nonsense from their own website: http://www.watchtower.org/e/lmn/article_11.htm

    Some, at least, of the generation that saw the "beginning of pangs of distress" in 1914 will live to see Paradise restored on earth

    Wait a darn minute!!. The time line reference to 1914 was also done away with in the FEB 15 koolaid. These tirds in crooklyn have crap for brains!!

  • RR

    IF you look at the bottom of the page you'll see that it says "published in 1986". So if anything, the Society is guilty of promoting Old Light.


  • agonus

    The ironic thing is the article is titled "Education for Entering Paradise".


    It's like telling someone all they need is an Associate's degree when in fact they require a... wait for it...


  • PopeOfEruke

    WT don't care about doctrine! They use whatever schtick they can to make new recruits and more money.....

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Typical cult speak to maintain its control over its members.

    Only to be replaced by new proclamations when these ones tire themselves out and become useless.

  • moshe

    I often wonder how they keep track of all those doctrinal flip-flops- like a big bulletin board with sticky notes, ha? Maybe, they are just trying to ferret out the "picky" Witnesses- the ones who notice this contradiction and complain to Bethel will be , watched, to put it mildly

  • Elsewhere

    They show that because its a hell of a lot easier to explain their old doctrine than their new convoluted one.

    Remember: Their goal is to hook new members. Once they have the new member emotionally and socially committed to the WTS they can start teaching them to more bizarre and hard to swallow doctrine.

    This is why Scientology does not teach new members about Xenu and how he used space ships to dump souls into volcanoes and then blew them up with nuclear weapons millions of years ago. It's just too much BS to swallow at the beginning.


  • agonus

    "Maybe, they are just trying to ferret out the "picky" Witnesses- the ones who notice this contradiction and complain to Bethel will be , watched, to put it mildly"

    I posited a similar idea not too long ago regarding (IMHO) obvious false information coming from the WT, which seems to be ramping up more and more recently (i.e. CTR taught that only a few would go to heaven, the WT has been published by "Jehovah's Witnesses" since 1879 when there was no such thing as a "JW" prior to 1931). Are they really that lazy and sloppy or are they just testing the waters - fishing for reactions from the fence-sitters/faders as a contrived loyalty test?


  • diamondiiz

    It doesn't matter because the followers don't catch onto the BS nor do they now their own history nor do they know their present light as it's changes so frequently that if you missed some small word in the article you're living in the past light. Today this tomorrow that.....Dubs don't know their own doctrines nor do most care. How many of us knew that Christ wasn't our mediator? Most of us didn't realize that BS teaching until we left or read it in C.O.C.! Today you need this to enter paredise tomorrow you'll need to stand on your head and with information control and mind control dubs can't sere the reality and truth for what it is and they imagine that reality is evil but their lunatic world is the real truth and thus they call it the truth. WTS can't confuse the confused so they don't worry about posting old light while they teach some other crap since the confused sheeple won't catch it anyways.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I wonder if by now, the GB is tired of their own bullshit.

    This does let me know that they monitor the internet to see what "we" are pissed off about. When I come on here and read of the lies, this is the one that pisses off those who have left the most. Plus, they know better then anyone that since they changed the doctrine in 95 that the numbers for membership, along with zeal, has fallen off dramatically.

    This is their attempt to change it. Notice, they have no desire to admit anything wrong or to get anything right, they are merely searching for the best explanation for them that causes them the least effort and embarassment. And thus, another string of articles with connect the dots footnote refereces to WT articles that agree with their current dogma, ignoring the others that contradict.

    Welcome to JW 101.

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