The Govering Body....victims?

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  • Preston

    The Governing Body... victims of the misinformation that has gone back many, many years? They might not be as entirely evil as many of you have pointed out. Even Hitler believed the misinformation that he so strongly promoted, an anti-Semitism that stretched back centuries. So misinformation starts out somewhere, and the Governing Body are not the originators of the lack of truth within the organization, and all the misleading information from the Watchtower. Personally, they seem to get very little out of their positions. I mean, obviously they have parts on meetings to give just like everyone else, and they have to go out in service as well. Besides their condescending over the organization (which isn't a privilege), they seem to have very little to gain from their positions, it doesn't sound very fun either, living an isolated life for so long. I mean, if anything they're in their own prospective trap.

    Of course the opposite could be true, and the Governing Body are well aware that they know the whole thing is bunk, and they are just living off everyone else to their own satisfaction. The whole thing reminds me of a play I saw this year at ASU called Enrico IV. It was about a wealthy actor that went insane, believing he to be the part he was given in a play (Enrico IV). His personal friends and family accommodated his insanity by building a fictional kingdom; his subjects were actors themselves, playing their parts to the satisfaction of the king. Later on in the play (SPOILERS), the actor confides in some of the actors that he really isn't insane at all, just happy that he fulfilled a secret passion to live a part as close to reality. This idea is considerable, everyone in life seems to fulfill some kind of role, and maybe the Governing Body cherish the opportunity to be kings in a literal, albeit organization sense.

    Please identify the honest nature of this question as well; I just want to get some opinions. People in the organization have not hurt me to the extent that many of you have, just wanted to throw this question to you all.

  • terafera

    That play you mentioned fits the subject very well. I'm not sure what my take on it is yet...

    they are elderly men claiming to have divine intervention from God. Call it ego, fame, stature, attention, or they might really believe it.
    All I know is once I met bro Franz at my Hall and everyone was gathering round like he was the Pope. He was in his late 90's .. but I'm sure he loved the attention. If he sneezed someone wouldve thrown their arm in front of him to catch it.

    For sure though, they havea lot of power with the JW's. What they say in the publications is taken as the Word of God. Hmm..


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  • dungbeetle

    "The Govering Body....victims"

    The laws of our land say 'no'. Please do not confuse, everyone, the issues of culpability and accountability. The governing body is responsible for the deaths of thousands.

    Only because they are a religion, our government can't touch them. They can only go after the Slack PARENTS, for instance.

    But WE can, and we HAVE. Zero or negative growth in over 70 countries...ROCK ON!!!!! The little people RULE!!!!


  • Flip
    …People in the organization have not hurt me to the extent that many of you have…

    Preston, I hope that your statement doesn’t detract you from contemplating how people who support the organization have harmed someone other than your self.

    One factor that is missing from your myopic scenario is other people, groups or organizations that have little to do with promoting the fantasy of WTBTS religious myth mongering, but otherwise have a vested interest in the financial longevity of the WTBTS.

    Accumulating evidence indicates that control of the WTBTS Corporation is more diverse than simply isolating the Governing Body, who after all, are ‘so last year’.


  • voltaire


    I agree to a considerable extent with your premise. These are clearly men who have invested their entire lives in something akin to a hoax. How difficult it would be to let go of that. It was incredibly difficult for me after only about 10 years of involvement. I agree with the comments that point out that this doesn't relieve them of their responsibility. After all, a deluded madman is still a danger to society and needs to be restrained for the safety of society. In the case of a religion, we have the complication of a situation where people want to be misled. The victims are as desperate for the GB's message to be true as are the members of the GB. I continue to hope that exposing the truth of the WT's past will help those who want to get out to have the information they need to make their stand. As for those who are happy in the WT, that's their right, I'm not sure what else we can do.

  • Preston

    First of all,

    I just wanted to apologize about something, something that Flip pointed out to me.

    My quote:

    …People in the organization have not hurt me to the extent that many of you have…
    should have read as follows

    …People in the organization have not hurt me to the extent that many of you have been hurt by them
    again, just trying to correct myself there.
  • Joyzabel


    I couldn't pass up commenting on your post.

    First of all, the GB are not victims. They choose to be ignorant. That was the point that hit me the hardest when I learned they chose not to read C.O. Jonnsoen's material on 607. They are not truth seekers, just mass controllers.

    They majority of the GB, I suspect by now, do not go in service and do not attend meetings. They are too old and are confined to the infirmory. What meetings the others go to are for show. Big talks to big audiances. What power.

    I only feel sorry for the sheep without a shepard that are listening to them. But then again, some want to be led astray by the tickling of their ears.

    My 2 cents. j2bf

  • COMF

    In the play, did the king actor get to really kill people? Did he plunge a sword into the bodies of his actor subjects, thereby killing the actor? Such a scene would correspond to the taking of innocent lives by pretending to have God's direction and then ordering ones actor sheep to refuse blood transfusions and vaccinations.

    The Govering Body....victims?



  • anewperson

    Ray Franz has said they don't get much direct money but perks equal to cash, e.g. WTS money (from rank-and-file) pay for airline tickets to conventions on other continents, local members often give them free meals at their homes or expensive restaurants, in Bethel they get free maid, medical and other care-services, in short anything you could want they are simply given..... some nonprofitting victims, huh?

  • oscartheduck

    "Even Hitler believed the misinformation that he so strongly promoted"

    Depends upon whose theories you listen to...

    And, to be fair, I was talking to a friend who has gone to the New York Bethel. Her report of what went on there included the information "One of the members of the Governing Body has a miniature golf course in his office". I hear this as being greedy and disgusting in a charity where the money is meant to be distributed fairly yet the main work force is given little more than wat is necessary to live in our culture.

    The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126 "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible "

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