How Jehovah's Witnesses Differ From Cults

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  • Bangalore

    Found this article by some guy named John W Scott that says JW's are not a cult.


  • cameo-d

    Maybe the WT is hiring dis-info agents to write sanitized versions like that. I saw some wording in the article that seemed like outright falsehood to me.

    Maybe what he really meant to say is the the JWs are more like a secret society than a cult. I dunno. WT appears to have traits of both.

  • possible-san

    Hi, Bangalore

    Is he (John W Scott) a Jehovah's Witness?
    I think that that is important.

    Usually, on the Internet, their organization has not recommended that they defense their organization.No, rather, I think that that is similar in the meaning "that is forbidden."
    IMO, that is a reason that people say "JW is a cult."

    Probably, even if they do what kind of excuse, it is true that they (the Society) are a "cult." (I think)


  • Bangalore

    Hi Possible San

    I do not know whether John Scott is a JW. However his article does seem to be somewhat like a JW apologist article.


  • wobble

    He is deluded and there ARE a number of lies in the article,which he may have been fed if he is not a Witness, but even so it does not say much for the quality of his research if he is independent.

    I think he is actually a Dub, it sounds too much like he has had years of indoctrination and the subsequent cognitive dissonance has set in.

    It just shows how the charge that they are a Cult stings, so we do well to make the charge as often as possible, it may warn the public, and maybe do the impossible and make a Dub think !



  • alanv

    I don't think I have ever read so much rubbish in all my life. The whole article is full of half truths.

    The society are against further education. They do isolate people for disagreeing with their policies. Everything is not out in the open when you start to study. There is not freedom to do whatever you like in employment. There is constant pressure to do more in service. Over the years thousands have died by following witness mandates i e no vaccinations, no transplants, national service and all their changes in the blood doctrine. They are totally adament something is right until it is proved otherwise.

    Decision making is controlled by Brooklyn not somebody local. If a congregation regularly does not send enough contributions they will not get supplied the books or mags they want. If they do not agree with the society on something they are told to wait on Jehovah. They do not tell you that you may be right. Reading some outside material is definately frowned on. Anything that goes against the leaders ideas are a big no no.

    And the best one is they don't consider themselves special. This is a complete lie. They are constantly taught that salvation only comes by association with this org.

    If this guy is not a witness then he simply has accepted what he has been told by them.

  • designs

    Interesting list, if the author attends for any length of time his 35 comments would change. But most Churches would block someone from joining who disagreed with their fundamental beliefs.

  • Bangalore

    Are you the same Designs who used to post at the Paradise Cafe?


  • teel

    I only scanned the article, but I just shake my head in disbelief. Either he is a blind JW, who eats up what he's told, or he never deeply researched the cult to see what's behind the nice PR front they put up.

    Just a couple of blatant untruths that caught my eyes that are immediately dismissable by any JW/exJW who can use his head:

    5. All medical and dental care, including psychological services from non-Witness practitioners and doctors are in no way restricted.

    18. Rational behavior and thinking is encouraged.

    20. Reading, education, knowledge, outside of Witness literature is not frowned upon or discouraged.

    23. Witness disaster relief programs include non-Witness members and neighbors.

    32. Jehovah's Witnesses do not shame or guilt persons into compliance, and there is no need to "confess" sins as one studies the Bible, to anyone but to God.

    33. There are no isolation tactics that are employed by Jehovah's Witnesses and details of the lives of Jehovah's Witnesses do not come under scrutiny.

  • designs

    Hi, yes.

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