Why hang on in there??

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    Ken.....YES! I am about 15 mins from your hotel!

    Send me an email.


  • KenUK

    Hi Island Woman,

    The message coming across fairly strongly is that, as I read it, many wish to preserve the family relationship. For me that wasn't an issue (and thus reflects an aspect of me - somewhat negative I feel). To me I'd been in since birth, baptised aged 14, a min serv etc and suddenly it was all wrong to me - I wanted out. Didn't want the label - never thought of impact on my mother (now jw 41 years). Having said that I never knock her down - its her crutch..

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    I'm hoping this will work; my messages won't post lately... i'm not exactly 'hanging in there' but you have to realise that friends are friends, what ever their religious views. i'm trying to tell as many as i can. all i know, and until they turn on me i will continue to chat when i'm paid a visit.these are people, well some of them, that i truly love, i don't want to be a shit and ignore them, when the time comes and all i say sinks in i'm sure they'll run anyway ,but for now i'm just away but approachable...(unless your'e one particular basterd elder... i'll get you mate...my time will come...)

  • Englishman


    It depends on each individuals personality. Me, I can't ever be anything other than totally open about what I feel and think. I know it gets me into hot water sometimes, but politician I am not!

    I personally wouldn't want to hang on to family if what they saw was a charade, if the real me isn't good enough then goodbye, nice to know you, please come back when you accept the real me.

    I just can not bear people not knowing me as I really am, although that philosophy cost me dearly for a while, most of what I lost came looking for me years later.

    Remember Mike Yarwood, a brilliant 80's impersonator? At the end of every show he would remove his gear and say, "Folks, this is the REAL me."

    Nah, no way do I think that its good to hang around where you're not wanted!


    Bring on the dancing girls!

  • IslandWoman

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for responding. My point was that even though we may have sacrificed family relationships, for some of us it was well worth it.

    Our integrity remained intact!


  • KenUK

    Thanks Englishman,

    Similar cut of cloth perhaps!

    I remember Mike Yarwood - in hindsight he always sounded the same anyway. This topic reminds me of Jasper Carrott - always bought the w/t and Awake - He said it was his insurance policy; "You never know, they might be right!!"


    Got your message - think I'm getting it drilled into me know!! Only one bastard elder though.....:-)

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