How Long A JW ( Baptised )?

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  • hillary_step


    I frequently read on this Board that somebody has 'been a JW for over 25 years' and then learn that they are in fact 25 years and three days old.

    I am very easily confused, in fact I actually got inside a car of similar color to my own recently and spent at least five minutes with a furrowed brow trying to force my car key into its ignition, Fortunately, I realised my error before I was arrested. So, just to humor me, can you all post how long you were/are baptised JW's?

    Thank you -- HS

    PS - I suppose I ought to set an example - 31 years.

  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    Baptised 11/72 DF 7/01 (29yrs)

    If someone lived a trillion X longer than you, and had a billion X more reasoning ability would he come to the same conclusions as you?
  • NeonMadman

    Baptized in 1969.
    Stopped going to meetings (mostly) in 1995.
    Stopped going (absolutely) in 2000.
    Never disfellowshipped or disassociated.

    "The truth was obscure, too profound and too pure; to live it you had to explode." ---Bob Dylan

  • KenUK

    Born into "truth";

    Baptized aged 14 in 1975 (just in case you understand...)

    Walked out after memorial April 1993

    D/F May 1993

    @18 years..

  • IslandWoman


    I was a baptized JW for 36 years before I disassociated myself.

    (Uh... what does this mean as far as my thinking abilities are concerned, as per Julie's post? JUST KIDDING JULIE! )


  • closer2fine

    Raised in it.
    Baptized Fall of 1985.(I was 13)
    Walked away Fall of 1991.(I was 19)
    Never DF'd or DA'd.


  • happy man
    happy man

    baptised 1962, still a JEW, 55 yers old, 20 as an elder, qit sens two years,
    5 children, 3 boys 2 girls, 2 boys not JW so I have some expirens.

  • belbab


    baptized Jan 1954
    Gilead [big deal] 1959

    Woke up, Nov, 1967

    Marked about 1970

    Hunted down, shot and pissed on about Sept 1973

    Very lonely, 1973 to spring of 1975

    Received communication from long time Jehovah's Witnesses sister, special pioneer, married in summer of 1975. Son born, l976, second son born 1980. Been living ever since under our own vine and fig tree, but waited about ten to fifteen years til we finally found others we could communicate with. Year 2000 finally got on the internet, Oh happy day!


  • tyydyy

    Born a third generation JW in 1964

    First talk 1969

    Baptized in 1977

    Married in 1986

    MS in 1997

    Left in 1999

    The last time I talked to the elders they told me I was still an MS. (I don't really believe them)

    Never DF'd or DA'd


  • Sherri

    Baptised at the age of 14 in January 1974.
    Disfellowshipped in May 1986.
    So, 12+ years altogether (why does it seem like three times that??)

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