American Words Unused Here. Vice-Versa Also.

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  • Francois

    How 'bout anything named after a beaver? Do you have beavers in jolly ol' England? You know, the toothy rodent with the flat tail that cuts down trees with his teeth to make dams that make ponds know. Well, do you?

    We do over here. I have a friend in Atlanta who owns a package shop (a place to purchase hard spirits and wine) on Beaver Ruin Road northeast of town. He calls his place Beaver Liquors. Would that happen in the UK?

    This is likely to really be an exercise in language.


  • zerubberballs


  • julien

    heheh thanks for the xlations -- I should have already known most of them from watching The Young Ones so many times but it being new year's morning and all...

  • Farkel

    "edible food"


  • Angharad

    Cigarette / Fag

    So it's nothing unusual here when someone nips out the office to have a fag!

  • FreeFallin

    baby carriage=pram
    hood of car=bonnet
    trunk of car=boot
    right on!=spot on!
    keep your chin up=keep your pecker up
    piece of cake=Bob's your uncle
    woman dressed in clothing suitable for younger woman=mutton dressed as lamb
    And a whole lot of crazy food names like bubble and squeak,bangers and mash, toad in the hole, spotty dick.

  • roybatty

    Here in the States the word "randy" refers to someone's name. Unlike in the UK where...well, I guess it could just as well describe a person.
    I found this out when someone from the UK was visiting the company i work for and I introduced her to the company's owner who's name was Randy. Quite a laugh!

  • Englishman

    Edible food?

    Farkel, dear Boy,

    I'd have you know that the UK is the culinary capital of the world when it comes to liver, kidneys braised in Madeira, grated heart, tripe and onions and lights (lungs).

    I don't much enjoy eating brains yet, but I'm working on it.


    Bring on the dancing girls!

  • unclebruce

    gas station

  • Englishman

    PS: Real estate Does this imply that there is a false estate?

    Wha the hell is real estate anyway?

    gasoline OK, we all know you mean petrol.

    lap dancer What? Some bird sits on your lap and dances?

    sky lobby Is this held up by sky-hooks?

    Budweiser Your pal knows more than you?


    Bring on the dancing girls!

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