Dec. 15th WT - WT Skewed View of Love- Preach, Die, Suffer, Help our Own

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  • flipper

    VM 44- I agree. The WT writers don't even KNOW what it is to prove ANYTHING. They are taught to follow- not to think on their own

  • Hopscotch

    wantstoleave - my heart was really touched too by the response of the community to the bushfire disaster.

    I feel that time in Feburary was a real turning point for me in my view of humankind in general, after having been a witness for over 40 years. When the bushfires occured in February, I was still reeling from being told by my father, in January, that as far as my family was concerned I was now dead and that they had no intention of showing me love anymore (Dad's exact words). I was still in shock as we had been a very close family and I did not think they would really do that to me (and my husband and son) as we were not df'd or da'd, just faded away from JWs.

    And then one month later in February, in stark contrast to that warped conditional love shown by JWs, was this immense outpouring of human kindness, love and generosity being shown by 'worldly' people to complete strangers in need. It was an incredibly moving time and was an event that made me realise for the first time just how proud I was to be an ordinary member of the Australian community, a community that shows what real unconditional love for fellow humans can be.


  • llbh

    How does faith become reality, is there not a mutual exclusivity here? BTW are not those who teach people to disown people the most, the WTS? Are there double standards here, or i missing something?

    Oh, and last time i went there about ( 4 year ago) France was not a "third world country".

    Regards David

  • flipper

    HOPSCOTCH- I can only imagine how much that touched your heart being a former witness- seeing people of all walks of life helping fire victims with unconditional human caring. I bet it was quite an eye opener for you- considering what you had personally been through. I admire you greatly for getting involved ! You are to be really commended !

    LLBH- No, you are not missing anything here. The WTS is definitely showing double standards here for sure. They are really good at it

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The WTS doesn't want their people to see what wonderful people exist outside the khall walls.

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough
    In fact - the WT society wants to drive this point home so blatantly about sacrificing your life they continue, " Such love goes beyond just giving up something in a material way . It extends to the point of BEING WILLING to maintain our integrity and EVEN TO LOSE OUR LIFE for the sake of Christ. "

    I have always, no not always, but within the last couple of years, seen the JWs as a Jonestown cult capable of the unthinkable and this kind of thinking reinforces it for me. Given the inordinate amount of emphasis on control and obedience in their literature, I hear the drums beating.

  • chellechelle

    "Woop de frikking - do . Now tell me again HOW IN THE WORLD that benefits the witnesses who died ? For what reason ? No good one I can think of. In fact - the WT society wants to drive this point home so blatantly about sacrificing your life they continue, " Such love goes beyond just giving up something in a material way . It extends to the point of BEING WILLING to maintain our integrity and EVEN TO LOSE OUR LIFE for the sake of Christ. " So it's like - " Die you slaves you will be rewarded. " Personally - I'd like to volunteer Jaracz and the rest of the GB to the front lines - see if they soil themselves or not. Idiots. "

    will someone tell me how to do the quote thing on here i cant figure it out, for now i am doing this manually.

    This is the part that scares me. From all I am learning about the present affairs of the world, the way government works, the economic so called "crisis" and the law, The jehovahs witnesses are the perfect religion. Who else would willingly walk into the concentration camps when the government no longer wants to deal with us. The elite of the world are slowly closing their open hand around us and people like this are making it easier. They want more control, they want us to spy on eachother (have any of you seen the Iwatch comercials in the states?) they are putting traceable microchips into everything. And no doub they would want the implanted in us as they have convinced us all to do with our pets. There are now drone planes patrolling our borders. And Jehovahs witnesses are saying, " this is exactly what the bible has fortold! we must accept our punishments for god will save us. lets go into the concetration camps like the sheeple we are."

    The only chance we have is what is very close to happening in the states right now. Some states are very close to suceeding because they no longer want to be accountable for the national debt washington has wracked up. this is called standing up to the government. The only way we can do this is if people band together. How can we do this when the witnesses are telling everyone to give in. I have great faith that is is a cult and the elite is using it to its full advantage. it makes me sick

  • chellechelle

    Not to mention this is the fate my mom and fiances mom both share

  • flipper

    WHITE DOVE- Exactly , the WT society DOES NOT want witnesses to see how great people are outside of the cult.

    JONATHAN DOUGH- I agree with you. It IS getting to that dangerous of a point that the witnesses may follow ANY mind control statements of the WT society. And that involves even taking their own lives to support the WT cult. I would not put it out of the question that the WT society would do something like that to it's members. It's definitely possible. And THAT is what's scary

  • flipper

    CHELLECHELLE- Exactly. Just like you and your fiances relatives - I have JW relatives stuck in captivity to the witnesses. I do hope more escape in time - but we shall see. But I do believe the governments and elite powers do have the witnesses right where they want them. The elite powers, i.e. financial and government control religions, cults, etc. - but in turn it's a chain reaction and the cults themselves control the members within the cults thus resulting in the domino effect. It's a bizarre house of cards that's destined to run aground and come tumbling down in time. At least I'm hoping that for the WT society in time. I want my relatives out of that dangerous cult

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