Dec. 15th WT - WT Skewed View of Love- Preach, Die, Suffer, Help our Own

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  • flipper

    Well, they are up to their old tricks again. Trying to manipulate rank and file members views of what " real love " is again.

    The title of the study article is " Love that Never Fails " . As my JW daughter so succinctly informed me a couple weeks ago that the most important way Jehovah's Witnesses are counseled to " show love " is by preaching the good news door to door. Now I see where she gets this thinking . Notice this quote on pg. 26 , " Being his ( Jesus ) followers , we should aim to cultivate and keep showing Christlike love so that we will endure in observing his commandment to witness about the Kingdom and make disciples. " So push the kingdom on others, right ?

    Then in a couple of paragraphs the article commends all the brothers who died in Malawi and said " their endurance was rewarded" . How so ? Well, when " persecution broke out there were about 18,000 witnesses in Malawi , now there are 38,393. " Woop de frikking - do . Now tell me again HOW IN THE WORLD that benefits the witnesses who died ? For what reason ? No good one I can think of. In fact - the WT society wants to drive this point home so blatantly about sacrificing your life they continue, " Such love goes beyond just giving up something in a material way . It extends to the point of BEING WILLING to maintain our integrity and EVEN TO LOSE OUR LIFE for the sake of Christ. " So it's like - " Die you slaves you will be rewarded. " Personally - I'd like to volunteer Jaracz and the rest of the GB to the front lines - see if they soil themselves or not. Idiots.

    Now in regard to " suffering " we notice what they call in psychology - total projection in these next quotes about " enduring persecution". It states in paragraph 17, " When opposition comes upon individual Christians from family members , it is quite different. Stress may be caused by members of the household or immediate relatives. Did not Jesus foretell this would take place ? Yes, and many have experienced the truthfulness of his words. Teenagers have endured opposition from unbelieving parents . Some have even been ordered out of the home, but they were TAKEN IN BY KINDLY WITNESSES . Others have been disowned. What enabled such ones to endure mistreatment ? Not just their love for the brotherhood but, above all, their genuine love for Jehovah and his Son. " Interesting. Sounds curiously like what ex-witnesses endure in shunning treatment and disownings by Jehovah's Witness relatives doesn't it ? Many of us have been taken in by KINDLY NON-WITNESSES after exiting the mind control cult. So- enough said about projection, you get the point.

    Then the article rambles on about how proud the WT society is that they helped JW victims of hurricane Katrina - with no mention of how " worldly " people helped many people of ALL races, black, white - whatever. Notice these self-congratulatory quotes : " Many of OUR BROTHERS lost their homes or material possessions in those disasters. Love moved the WORLDWIDE CONGREGATION to provide relief supplies, and volunteers helped to rebuild homes and repair kingdom halls. Such acts prove that OUR BROTHERS LOVE AND CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER at all times and under any circumstances. " Well, pin a rose on these peoples nose for caring for one another. Isn't that sweet ? I'm getting ill already. What are non-witnesses ? Sliced tomatoes ? What about all the black and white folks who helped people of both races regardless of WHAT religion they believed ? Regardless of differences ? Yet they showed UNCONDITIONAL CARING & LOVE ! What a concept. One that jehovah's Witnesses would do well to imitate.

    Then to conclude- catch this sentence in the final paragraph. It states, " Eventually, things that we have faith in will become reality , and therefore the need for faith in them will end. " Considering the fact the WT society is duping the masses and rank and file witnesses with a bunch of undigested baloney - I bet the WT society wants it to end so they don't have to keep telling lies ! They WANT people to not have to have faith in them - but their hand is forced ! The WT society has blown so many prophecies off now- they can't turn back ! It's the " eventually " part that disturbs me the most here - just WHAT is " eventually " ? That's a pretty loosely used expression by them indicating that it could go on for many , many years. And Jehovah's Witnesses will die and NOT find any promises by the WT society fulfilled at all.

    So, end of my rant. Time for you folks to put your 2 cents or more in on this ! LOL! What do you think of this mind control drivel ? As always I look forward to your takes and comments. Hope you are all doing well tonight, and a big PEACE OUT ! to all of you. Mr. Flipper

  • Hopscotch

    Flipper this is yet another control article, this time using the 'self praise' method - nobody else out there knows how to show love like we JWs do.....

    While I was reading the part about hurricane Katrina and the WTS response, it reminded me of an email I received from the Red Cross this week in response to a donation I gave them earlier this year after the bushfire tragedy. If you don't mind Flipper I'll copy some of it here as it shows what the Red Cross's response to a disaster is.

    Dear xxxx

    Your donation to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal has helped families to farewell loved ones with dignity and survivors to find temporary shelter, and is now helping them to rebuild their homes, communities and lives.

    The extraordinary response truly demonstrated the power of humanity. Red Cross raised an unprecedented $378 million that was placed into a Trust Fund.

    Our immediate responseFollowing the Victorian bushfires, over 1,000 Red Cross people worked in relief centres registering more than 22,000 people affected so that worried families and friends would know they were safe. Red Cross served 200,000 meals to evacuees and emergency services workers and provided over 5,000 first aid treatments…

    All funds have been, and will continue to be, directed to the people and communities affected, with no deductions for administration costs.

    Bushfire survivors on the road to recovery The Advisory Panel has begun to see a shift in priority needs which means that larger community rebuilding projects can now begin. Covering every community affected by the bushfires, including those in Gippsland, your donation is helping to rebuild and re-establish towns and villages.

    On behalf of the people whose lives you are helping to rebuild, thank you again for your generous support.

    Yours sincerely

    Robert Tickner
    Australian Red Cross

    The point I am making by putting this email on here is that here is The Red Cross, an organisation that is looked upon with disdain by JWs and the WTS, nine months after the bushfire tragedy are still helping people rebuild their lives using donations from everyday 'worldly' people. And this aid is being given to everyone who has been affected by the disaster and needs help, not just a select group belonging to a certain religion.


  • flipper

    HOPSCOTCH- Thanks for posting the Red Cross's response to your donation. It really shows the unconditional caring they show everyone and HOW MUCH they appreciate the donations. Very true what you say

  • WTWizard

    I have noticed this theme throughout. You give up your life, and Jehovah blesses you in that you are able to pio-sneer. Give up going to college and live a stagnant, miserable life, and your reward is that you could have several studies progressing into the same cancer. Or, Jehovah blesses people that make monumental efforts to go to the boasting sessions in that they make it to the boasting sessions.

    Not once is there any actual reward. Now, I could give up my job and pio-sneer. But, how would I benefit? In bringing in 30 people into the cancer? In dying stagnant, helping 20 people stay in the cancer? An experience that lies about some worldly organization, giving some 5,000 people new power to stay in the cancer? Am I going to benefit in any way? What am I going to gain from those 30 people that go into the cancer? Nothing. Also, if I make epic efforts to be at the boasting session, what if the boasting session only tells me that I need to make even more effort to go out in field circus? I could waste $600 on a helicopter rental so I can be told to waste another $600 so I can go out in field circus? Reward?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks Flipper for your take on the WT.

    I love the way you can spell it so well. Your way with word is so great.

    I was hopping someone would make a thread on that and you did a great job.

    Thanks. LITS

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Flipper - Personally - I'd like to volunteer Jaracz and the rest of the GB to the front lines - see if they soil themselves or not. Idiots.

    Yes...I like that scenario...unlikely, but 'what if' WT HQ was infiltrated and the GB taken 'hostage' under fear of death...and all THEY had to do was renounce their Faith in exchange for their freedom...I wonder what the outcome would be..? It's too easy (for them) to expect strangers to take their place, but personally, I don't think we should expect others to do what we're not prepared to do ourselves.

  • wantstoleave

    Hopscotch....I remember when the Victorian bushfires happened, and I rallied my neighbours and family together and gathered car loads full of clothes, toys and other things to take to a drop off centre. It was then being taken by truck through to Victoria. I clearly remember telling some witnesses about this (as I was active at the time), and they kind of silenced me. Not one of them had thought to do this. And none of them offered to donate anything for me to take to the drop off centre . I must've made 4 trips to that centre, and you should've seen how many volunteers were there! It truly touched my heart how 'worldly' people banded together to help their fellow Australians.

    My small children continually piped up 'we're helping the bushfire kids mummy' and 'can we give them this teddy?' from their own toys! My little children knew that giving to people in need was so important, yet witness adults thought it was wrong. What the????

  • ufo1

    (Teenagers have endured opposition from unbelieving parents . Some have even been ordered out of the home, but they were TAKEN IN BY KINDLY WITNESSES . Others have been disowned. What enabled such ones to endure mistreatment ?)

    So they admit that being disowned, ie. disfellowshiping, is mistreatment! Oops, I guess that when they do it, it's love. My Butt!

  • flipper

    WT WIZARD- Good points you make. I mean, yes, I agree - WHY would anyone want to get involved in preaching door to door and bring more people into this cancer ? And like ALL mind control cults - the WT society will NEVER deliver on it's promises. There ARE no rewards for being a member of this cult. It's all an illusion.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- Thanks, I appreciate it. This article just struck me as so psychotically insane that I had to put a thread out on it so people on the board and newly exiting and new board members can see how insane, passive aggressive, and controlling his dangerous Jehovah's Witness cult is. The fact they would have people DIE for the sake of the organization- shows you what a fanatic cult it is.

    MIDWICH CUCKOO- Exactly, I agree. The WT society should NEVER ask members to die for the organization if the GB wasn't willing to do so. It is just a true sign of what a cult the WT society has become. I think they are printing this crap for American witnesses to read and ponder because of the persecution that the French, Russians , and other third world country witnesses are going through right now. So they want to " toughen up " the lazy - a$$ JW's in the United States. Just my two cents.

    WANTSTOLEAVE- Very good point you make. I mean, exactly - if your young children can see how important it is to be humane towards the victims of the fires in Australia - why the hell can't Jehovah's Witnesses see how important it is to help people suffering from all walks of life ? I'll tell you why - they are cult mind controlled by the WT society to view things this way.

    UFO1- Exactly. I was trying to show how hypocritical it is of the WT society to whine and moan that young teenagers are " disowned " by non-witness family - when in fact the WT society encourages , actually COMMANDS it's members to DISOWN all non-witness family themselves ! It's like the pot calling the kettle black in my opinion

  • VM44

    "...Such acts prove that OUR BROTHERS LOVE AND CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER at all times and under any circumstances. "

    No it doesn't.

    Does this Watchtower writer know what the words "ALL" and "ANY" mean?

    Does he even know what it means to "prove" something?

    I don't think so.

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