Are the JWs really short of cash.....2 weeks in Hawaii anyone!!

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  • losthusband

    Why spend $100 million going to Hawaii!!

    I was under the impression that WTBTS were selling up because they were short of funds......wouldn't this money be better spent donated elsewhere?

    Or could it be that they are just like everybody else and love a good "business" trip to a nice location now and again!!

    By the way, check out the last sentence in the article...."Simultaneous foreign language sessions will be presented, almost like the U.N.," - strange thing to say, considering how we all know they feel about that organisation!


  • sir82

    Sorry, don't understand the question.

    If there are thousands of private individual JWs who are going to spend millions of dollars in Hawaii...what does that have to with the corporation WTBTS being short of funds?

  • teel

    Hm... $100 million divided by 24,000 visitors = $4,166 per person And that's only the money spent in Hawaii, not including the price paid to get there! How many window washing hours that is? Surely none of the JWs going there have succumbed to materialism, right?

  • blondie

    Good question, sir82. The money being spent here is out of the pockets of individual jws not from the WTS fund. Then the money ends up in the pockets of the businesses.

  • losthusband

    Rather than encouraging thousands of individual JWs to spend millions of dollars to go to Hawaii rather than to a local convention, (the schedule is the same as the "Keep on the Watch" conventions) wouldn't they be better off encouraging them to donate more to the WTBTS?

    It was actually meant as an ironic, rhetorical question considering how a JW from Denmark felt it necessary to go to Hawaii for a convention he could attend in Europe. And whether it was actually because it was in Hawaii that they he had decided to attend this convention!


  • blondie

    Any jw with enough money to go to these conventions would not be inclined to give it to the WTS. My husband was the accounts servant (even as an elder) for ten years and he said that very few jws in the US donated as individuals despite the fact they can itemize it if they claim deductions on their tax form. A few older jws close to death might donate after they are dead to insure their salvation.

  • MissingLink

    I think the implication is that this is a bad business idea: If the convention were somewhere cheaper, then the R&F would have more available cash to put in the donation boxes.

  • besty

    could some lurking elder/ms please use these happifying statistics in a talk at the next opportunity.

  • out4good3

    I have a relative who just walked off their job to go to this convention with a tour group organized by people in their hall.

    Although it was a stank near minimum wage gig, it was still steady work for someone with absolutely no skills beyond what they've been exposed to in their "theocratic" activities.

    What's so stupid about this is they just had that same convention some 50 miles from where they live a couple of weeks ago.

  • OnTheWayOut

    WTS has these international conventions so that

    a) the JW's that actually have money can spend it "theocratically" and stay captives to the Borg.
    b) the JW's that can scrape up money for a vacation don't start enjoying themselves on that vacation, but still feel special because they attended a convention.
    c) the big important JW's can have a good excuse to go to Hawaii and catch some sun.

    The price tag sounds awefully high. I could get two people onto a 7-day cruise around the islands (meals included) and airfare during the December holiday break for close to that amount mentioned in the article- over $4000 per person. Deals on PRIDE OF AMERICA, Norweigan Cruise lines will put two people into a cabin for 7 days starting Dec. 19th for just over $1000 per person, about $900 per person if you go Dec. 26th. Airfare would be close to $1000 per person (a wee bit higher perhaps). So the news stating how it will average so much is way out of line. I know WTS finds them terrible deals, but I can't imagine it's that bad. They are up against the American holiday, Thanksgiving, but it's still out of whack. Last minute deals for November are even better because people just aren't spending it this year.

    I knew some people that went to a convention in Hawaii. They wished they had more time to see the place. I had to hold my tongue and not suggest that they DID HAVE MORE TIME, but wasted it in conventions.

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