Are the JWs really short of cash.....2 weeks in Hawaii anyone!!

by losthusband 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • sooner7nc

    craps, I hope he gets diarrhea on the plane. It'll serve him right for making D-Ma do his laundry.

  • awildflower

    I just got back Friday from a week spent in Hawaii and on the local news the ticker read something like: "Jehovah's Witnesses to gather for a convention here in Hawaii, expected to bring in millions of tourism dollars." It made me sick because the jw's will take this as some supposed 'blessing from Jehovah' that not only were they blessed enough to come up with the funds and the time off and the perfect circumstances to get to Hawaii for a convention, but now they are being 'advertised'. Sure enough as we were waiting to leave on our plane from Hawaii back home, several people were getting off incoming planes with their convention badges on already! I used to think that International Conventions were such a big deal and how sad that I would never be accepted to one because I had the 'unbelieving mate' and the unbaptized kids. But as I was in Hawaii I thought how stupid that was, I could just walk into this stupid convention and what could they do? It's unbelievable the amount of mind control that I was under. The only thing Hawaii is glad about is the money because the news kept mentioning how tourism and money were down in Hawaii. Seeing the news and those badges really made me angry and

  • blondie

    The best international jw trip I went on was in the early 70's. It was not an escorted trip. We had airfare on a jw plane to and from Europe and we were on our own the time between. We saw a lot and attended only 2 days of assemblies. They don't do those trips that way any more.

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