just a thought on watchtower,Dec.1

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  • nelly136

    when this was on the tv and in the news the other day i did wonder if it would get any jw cogs working, doubt it though.


    First remembrance service observed without first world war generation

    in annual commemoration of the moment that the guns of the first world war stopped firing 91 years ago. But today's silence was the first unobserved by anyone who fought in that great war. To mark the passing of the last three survivors in Britain – Bill Stone, Harry Patch and Henry Allingham, who last year laid wreaths at the Cenotaph but have each since died – the great and good, led by the Queen, attended a commemoration at Westminster Abbey. Only one British survivor is thought to be still alive: former seaman Claude Choules, living in Australia, aged 108.

  • moshe

    I saw and article about a WW2 veterans club and the president said that 10% of their members were dying every year. We have one last surviving WW1 vet each, in US, Canada and UK- all born 1900-1901. Certainly, they would be a good marker for the complete end of the 1914 generation- you remember, the one that would never pass away, the WT said in 1984.

  • cantleave

    Soon they'll deny 1914 was ever mentioned as a pivotal date.

    It will be blamed on the Rank and File, they took the date and placed more emphasis on it than they should have.

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