I hate that it gets to me!!

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  • brainwashed-from-birth

    I think alot of them are ashamed of the way they treat us really. They have a big head about it till they have to explain their actions to the "world" they live in. Whenever I do get to speak to my family they seemed concerned that I tell anyone how they treat me. Shouldn't you be proud of what you believe. They always say that people just dont understand. Yeah no one understands but you closed minded robots. GO BORG!!!

  • babygirl30


    That is the SAME thing my family has told me repeatedly...I have been told over and over NOT to tell people about them shunning me and me being DF'd. My mother is passionate about NOBODY 'speaking badly about Jehovah's org' and she was accusing me of being soooo far in the world. Why? All because I told her that I have no problem telling folks that my parents choose NOT to have dealings with me because I am no longer a JW. That's not a lie...I'm not exaggerating the truth either - THAT is the point blank reason.

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you said - if JWs are so passionate about their religion (aka - lifestyle) then WHY not speak up about it? Why NOT be proud that you dismiss people completely out of the cong and out of your life? They are right...people DON'T understand why JWs do what they do...because it doesn't make SENSE!!!

  • babygirl75

    I'm sorry...I used to feel that same way. But then I realized that letting it get to me means they still hold power over me and my happiness!

    I agree with what Lisa said, If you try to hide or avoid them, then you are saying yes, I'm a bad person that is feeling guilty. But if you hold your head high and smile and even throw a hand up to wave at them, shows that you are comfortable in your on skin and are happy and don't have to hide or avoid anyone!

    It'll take time, but you'll get over letting it get to you as bad!


  • truthseekeriam

    I'm learning not to take it anymore as well.

    I'm not DFed or DA just inactive and fading..but it never fails when I run into the JW's from the congregation they try to avoid me. I make it a point to loudly approach the and put on a huge smile saying" it's so nice to see you!!" They have only one two choices... engage me in some small talk, or look like a rude ass by ignoring me.

    I'm not letting them control my feelings any longer and it feels AWESOME!

  • LouBelle

    Because they don't know any better.

    Plus as time goes by and you make peace with your Jw past - it won't get to you any longer - they become wraiths.


    I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Just remember, it is their problem more than yours...

    Before I moved to a new province, whenever I saw someone I knew, I smiled my warmest smile and said, "Hi, Nancy!" or whoever...

    It made them squirm, because they weren't allowed to speak to me. People stared at them in wonderment --- and they had nothing to say. They could say nothing, because the rule said they could not speak to me.

    The tables had turned.


  • LucyA

    "The best revenge. Is a life well lived"

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