I hate that it gets to me!!

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  • lisavegas420

    If you hide or cower away, they think they are doing the right thing, because you are hiding, feeling guilty, are ashamed, or whatever. They don't even have to consider their actions. What if you were severiouly depressed, and a little smile would have made your day? What if you were mentally ill, and their cruelness, caused you to go home and hurt yourself.

    If you smile, wave, show them your new tan or boobs or car or hobby or whatever, it leaves them feeling confused. You aren't supposed to be happy when you leave the borg.


  • Newborn

    FG and Lisa, thanks, you're soo right!!! I will remember your words

  • LatinxJW


    I smile and shake my head while doing it, I don't give them the satisfaction of believing they are hurting me in some way. Living a fruitful good life is the biggest slap to the WT as they think you will crumblel and die without them. They are just sinful men nothing more nothing less, who are they to judge.

    I think many of us have felt the same way, but it gets much easier as you realize that the GB are bunch of self-rightrous men in BK playing Jehovah.

    I find it so funny that GOD chose BK NY to be the center of his earthly org, out of all other places.


    RZA, GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard are members of the prestigious WU TAN CLAN organization, they are from BK NY as well. Imagine that....

  • creativhoney

    once I went to a final degree show at the local uni ( a course I was on a few years prior) and there were a couple of 'sisters' serving the food...

    they had to serve me muahahahah ;) -

    I think once you realise its probably far more uncomfortable for them than it is for you, then you can start to get your head round it.. - you carry on as normal, they are the ones that have to hide//

  • poppers

    Don't give them the power to control your feelings - that's what they want. When they see that they'll know they can continue to manipulate you. Do as suggested by others; be friendly, especially when in public. Let them demontrate to others that they are being asses and you can explain to others that they are in the grip of a cult religion. That will give you power over them, just what they don't want. Always interact with them from a position of power.

  • QuestioningEverything

    Babygirl-I am so sorry that they are behaving so badly! 'They' being your former friends and your sister(I read your post yesterday). It really sucks to have to deal with that. IMHO, they believe they are doing the right thing, making God happy. It doesn't make it any easier for us to deal with but it does help to understand their thinking.

    I agree with some of the other posters- act happy, proud, positive, etc.. when you see them. I'm sure it's a little unnerving and hard to compose yourself when you first see them, or at least it was for me, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. They are the ones who are wrong!

    There used to be a woman at my hall years ago that would intentionally give me dirty looks and act horrible! I started to sit next to/near her on purpose, just to make her anxious. Eventually, that crap stopped. lol

    Take care and be strong!!

  • babygirl30


    Sweetie - I'm sorry!!! Guess this just isn't the WEEK for 'good behavior' out there in the world...huh? LOL. This type of behavior is just so incomprehensible. People that claim to be the most loving are the very ones that will blatantly turn their backs ON YOU and still believe they are doing the right thing. The shame part I can relate to...initially though. Running into old 'friends' (and I use that term losely now) I initially get that weird embarassed feeling - as if I am lower then them or a bad person. But then it dawns on me that I'm NOT! Same goes for you. But I know you will be ok and keep it movin!!!

  • babygirl30


    Oh my God...I was sitting here DYIN laughing!!! Wu-Tang is from Ny....not to mention, Jay-Z, Ja-Rule, P-Diddy, Biggie was too (know exactly where he lived too, my friends were in his projects). That is such a FUNNY thought you bring up, but so true. Pretty sure back in the day when they bought that property, they NEVER imagined people would walk around their building singing "I see some ladies tonight that could be havin my baby - BABY!" -hahahahahahahahaha

  • nelly136

    yup what lisa said, smile even if you have to force yourself. clench yer butt cheeks n throw in a chuckle if you can squeeze one out. remind yourself its not your problem its theirs, when you get stuck next to one in a cashpoint queue you can play 'count the squirms'.

  • ssn587

    Actually what you should have done and should do the next time that happens in public in a very loud voice say, These people are being impolite they don't want to talk with me because I don't believe like they do, oh and by the way they are Jehovahs Witnesses, and they don't think very much of any of you either, unless of course you want to study with them and become part of their cult. So do not trust them, they are in a cult and can't think for themselves."

    That should shame them some, It's something like what i did upon meeting a former PO at a grocery store, and I ain't DF'd or DA'd. Told him hi he was just in front of me at the check out stand and he looked at me as if I was something he had unwittingly stepped on and got his shoes dirty, so I said to the cashier and those others in line, this guy is rude he is a JW he thinks all of you should die at armageddon unless you become part of the religion he is in. People like him pray every day for the end because he thinks only he and others like him will survive because they are jehovahs witnesses so please beware of them. He of course slinked out of there left his groceries on the checkout stand and just walked away, I don't think he was too pleased but he asked for it and he got it. I don't put up with that kind of crap from anyone, especially since i haven't left entirely or been kicked out. i won't play by their rules and if I get dissed then I will retaliate and try and embarass the hell out of them.

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