I hate that it gets to me!!

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  • Newborn

    Just back from lunch and met two different former good friends from my congregation (I live in a small town) and they, of course, turned their backs on me... and it makes me feel strange and bad even though they're the ones who should really feel bad...

    How can I learn to ignore it??

    Makes me both sad and angry at the same time....coz like babygirl puts it...they're thinking I'm the one to pity and the one who've messed up!! Why should I feel ashamed?? I HATE THAT! Who do they think they are?? Oh yeah, that's right, God's chosen people



  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Have a prepared question for them.

    After you have asked it several times (usuallyonce) they will run away like cowards, or join us.

    Hold your head up. Say BOOO and offer to carve them a pumpkin.

  • lisavegas420

    You either have to learn to ignore it, ooooorrrrr

    You could holler their names out real loud...A big.."HELLO SISTER HeadupyourAss and SISTER ThinksherShitdontstink, hows it going." Smile real big, and wave like crazy.

    Then when they turn and walk away, put your two index fingers up to your temples, and flick your tongue in and out at them.


  • yellow

    I ignore it it on the main just walk past as if you never knew them. What is intensly annoying is when you get a few who go out of their way to be so rude and try to waste your day. They are in the wrong not you its just part of their cult mentality feel sorry for them.

  • Newborn

    Lisa and BlackSheep, I don't think I'll ever say anything to them...feels awkvard...

    Yes Yellow, I do feel very sorry for them...

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    it is crap, I'm not DFed/DAed just faded but hate seeing ex-JWs who either shun me or we have an awkward small-talk conversation. I normally just hide, but then how crap is that - having to hide from people?

  • Newborn

    how crap is that - having to hide from people?

    For that reason, it's extremely CRAP!!!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    feels awkvard

    They are the cult members, not you. They have to get over it. They have to confront their doubts. They have to confront their fears. When they see you, they are confronted by their doubts and fears. Make them feel it. They should be afraid to say hello to you. They should be afraid that you want to ask them for the results of the research they promised to do for you. Learn about 607. Know how to slaughter them with it. Make them afraid. Very afraid.



  • Newborn

    Chris, is that what you do??

  • feeling good
    feeling good

    You can only feel bad for them they are so blinded! They are so conditioned. You want to be around people who love you for who you are.

    keep you head up!!


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