Just was given the 'cold shoulder' by my own sister in public...

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  • lola28

    Yeah actually I can. It is one thing to be angry, it is a totally different thing to call someone the following things: FAT, sloppy, nasty b*tch, this fat cow", these are your words about your mentally ill sister. I can tell you that there's no way I could ever talk that way about my sisters because even if they were 'nasty fat cows and bitches, they would be my fat cows and my bitches and I'd slap the living daylights out of anyone who ever dared to call them the things you have called your sister.

  • babygirl30

    they would be my fat cows and my bitches and I'd slap the living daylights out of anyone who ever dared to call them the things you have called your sister.

    THAT is the point...if anyone ELSE said that stuff about my sister, I would kick THEIR teeth in!!! Most people now do know that there is 'something' wrong with sis and they avoid her because of it. Because of that - they refrain from saying MEAN things about her or talking about what she has done and said to them in FRONT of me. Even when someone crosses the line and and questions my sis's behavior, I don't even COMMENT - I will nicely reply "Please don't ask me about that...she is who she is". I will not dog her out to mutual acquaintances or even family that complains - as it's childish and cruel.

    Before labeling or judging me for what I posted HERE (and only here)...again...you would need to have dealt directly with someone who has BPD and then you would understand where my frustration comes from and why I was so angry with her. With BPD, they repeatedly do and say things to 'saboutage' their intended victim when they feel abandoned or rejected. Now, their #1 reaction to their own feelings of insecurity is RAGE: uncontrollable, vicious, loud tantrum, vindictive - RAGE!!! So, imagine THAT is your sister, and you have been the target of her saboutage and rage for YEARS...so much so that you eventually decide to stop dealing with her at all (for your own health and safety) and she still continues to 'attack' you despite the distance. Things are so unstable with your sis that having a 'close family' relationship with her is impossible - as you never know the next time she will decide to 'attack' you again. Add onto that, the religious beliefs and now mix an already mental person into strict religious codes.....Wouldn't YOU be angry? Who would YOU talk to about it? Wouldn't YOU want a place to vent if/when necessary? Note - I said WAS angry - it's over, I got my feelings out on this board, and I'm fine now. But thank YOU for sharing your opinion. That's what these boards are all about!

  • poppers

    Sounds like the one thing she has in her life is the WT sanctioned mandate to treat nonJWs with contempt, and she's going full bore with it. Pretty sad and pathetic what happens when mental illness combines with twisted religious teaching. I am sorry you have to put up with it.

  • babygirl30


    Thank you dear! It's hard to explain to people HOW she can act this way and not think SHE is wrong...her mental illness makes her WANT to hurt others (me, right now)...and to see ME fall on my face. She has always been the blacksheep of the family, and so nobody really dealt with her. But NOW that I am on the 'outside' and she knows that I love my niece dearly and miss her, the whole religious aspect is her 'leverage' to keep me out of my nieces life AND to put herself above me (because she is baptized) and so she now is in the good graces of our parents again. Of couse they have shunned me and IF she wants them to back her financially (which she needs right now) then she must play the game - go to mtgs and shun ME. But to someone that already has mental problems and they involve her thinking she has a RIGHT to mistreat people...it's a recipe for disaster

  • Tuesday

    If your sister is that crazy there's a good chance that something might come up in child services and you could get custody of your niece. It sounds like it might be the best thing for her.

  • VIII

    I totally understand where babygirl is coming from.

    Her sister and mine could be twins. Mine does and says almost exactly the same types of stuff. My sister says the most vile, vicious things and many our about our mother--lately I've made it into her hate infused speech. Now, she has cut me off. Fine. She has cut me off numerous times. Until she needs cash. Cash is king and my mom and I have what she needs.

    Then the Nice Sis comes out. Until she gets her bills paid, then VOILA!! Another round of hate mail.

    Her latest stuff is wishing our mother dead. (This is all public record on another ex-JW board--I'll only tell people I trust which one.)

    Who, in their right friggin' mind, wishes their own mother dead? Albeit, our mom is a messed up JW, however, she is still our mother and did her best. She is in a cult and will always be. My mom is supporting my sister and her husband and has for the last 12 years.

    And Mom gets a death wish. All because the JWs messed up her life.

    Boo fucking Whoo.

    That is why babygirl and people like her (ie, ME) get to rant about our fcked sisters/brothers.

  • VIII

    I also want to add:

    I totally believe my sister is mentally ill. She has gone to a therapist and was told she was. She denied, denied and was told that unless she was willing to get over her anger and move forward, she would never move her life on. Sis refused and the therapist told her to not come back, it was a waste of time and the taxpayers money.

    Being mentally ill and refusing medication and all help is no excuse for the behavior and the mental torment the family have to be put through. My sister has ripped our family apart and continues to do so. My mom has no idea what she is saying about her on these boards, (all in the last 6 months) and I have not said anything. How do I tell my JW mom my DFd apostate sis is wishing her dead on an EX-JW board? And saying she did everything but sexually abuse her? There is no way. But I am reading it and it is making me ill.

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