They "can give gifts on any day of the year"... But do they?

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  • undercover

    Baby showers...

    Auugghhh....I hated those things. Is it only JWs who turn baby showers (normally a woman only event) into a congregation picnic where everyone not only has to bring food but a gift for the expecting parents?

    Why do JWs get all excited about babies anyway? How many times has the Society counseled against bringing kids into this time of the end. Yet, everytime someone gets pregnant, all the dub women start planning parties get-togethers and showers to celebrate this ignoring of counsel from God's channel. I followed the counsel. I didn't have kids. Couldn't have someone thrown me a party and given me money and stuff for being faithful?

  • rockmehardplace

    i will say that my wife and her family are very good about giving gifts through out the year. more so my wife than anyone else. most of the congo was always good about doing little things for others and doing gifts for anniversary or baby shower or wedding or any other time of year just to do something nice.

    we had a sister who used to buy the kids in the congo stuff all the time. and she would buy for kids who may be coming to the meeting with parents who are studying. after she died, no one else went to that degree with the kids

  • creativhoney

    I think Baby Showers are typically US. we dont have them. - well they probably do in London if they think they are psoh but they dont up north

  • Anator

    There was a trend at some of the congregations I attended and that was high school graduations for the jw kids that graduated. It was like the jw barmitzvah of gatherings. What was strange, and like worldly events, these gatherings getting to be like a pissing contest for some jws with more elaborate events, gifts and so on. I'm surprised that these events haven't been shut down by the borg yet. Sure JW's can boast they can give anytime of year, but like everyone else they need an excuse, an event and even a date (i.e. anniversary) to do any kind of gift giving.

  • VIII

    You all said it really well, WingCommander especially so.

    We never got gifts as kids. All the reasons above.

    "Showy display"

    "Signs of materialism"

    "Gifts are temporary, Jehovah is forever"

  • blondie

    I was just talking with my husband about this yesterday. No gifts from jws, though we got gifts from non-jw relatives and friends as kids. As an adult, no gifts though I gave gifts to my friends when I saw something I thought they would like or they mentioned they needed. Never reciprocated. Never got a wrapped gift from any jw until a guy who had not been raised a jw gave us a housewarming gift.

    We had many jws over for dinner and never got a reciprocating dinner. Many empty comments, "We''ll have to have you over sometime." I asked one elder to stop saying that telling him he had been saying that for the last 5 years and I had yet to see the inside of his house.


  • OnTheWayOut

    My wife truly tries to live up to "gifts on any day of the year" and not just let it be lip service as an answer to holidays. She gives gifts to family members and to JW's in her life. I have been inspired by her to live up to that.

    The gifts are often wrapped, but generally in a gift bag and always unexpected. My JW mother, while never giving actual gifts is very generous and gives valuable high-end used items to us and my siblings. These are things she could trade in (even cars once in awhile) or sell when they replace them. I have received a car, a washing machine, several computer items, furniture. I prefer that over unexpected gifts. I have tried to emulate my wife and have given Mom jewelry, boxed chocolates or similar items, books, etc. Sometimes, I wrap them.

    Despite my family example, I know what most posters on this thread mean. The JW who could give gifts, DOES NOT GENERALLY. Without a "special day," they tend to not bother with even family members. Friends, I can understand. If all friends mutually decide not to exchange gifts, it's okay. Still, it's nice to do nice things for others- bake them a lasagna or cookies, whatever. Most JW's are not as giving as the outsiders they talk down upon.

  • greenie

    Not that I've seen! They only get together as a family on the parents' anniversary. And that's the only time they give gifts as well.

  • Ilovebirthdays

    We had "Family Day" where my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sisters, cousins and I all drew names and bought a present for whoever you drew. Then we were sold on this big, exciting day we were going to spend together as a family. The kids (including me) were so excited. The day wasn't as fun as promised, because before we had dinner and opened presents, we did a lot of studying and singing theocratic songs. But after all that it was really fun, and I can remember how excited I was to actually open a wrapped present. Lots of JW families in the congregation did this that year.

    There must have been some sort of private counsel given, because I don't remember hearing anything about it, but nobody ever did it again after that one time, and I never saw a wrapped present again until I left.

  • ninja

    my mother in law gives me a gift every day of the year.....she doesn't visit

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