I spoke to Ray Franz for the first time today

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  • etna

    Recovering, its horrible when you feel so down. I have felt that way many times too, but keep yourself busy and keep coming here, it seems to help me. I'm from Australia. Things are the same all over the world when it comes to the org. Life is to beautiful to feel depressed all the time.


  • wobble

    Dear Recovering,

    I too, went through a period of being close to suicide, I found the love and support here, on JWN, invaluable. I found too, that Rays words and example helped me to pull through, another life he has saved !

    You are too valuable to the rest of us for us to lose you. If you need to, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

    In the meantime, keep coming here, and feel the love.

    You are in my prayers,



  • deep-blue-sea

    I'm glad for you Recovering. I can appreciate Ray's personality from the love and empathy he trasmits through his books. He did a great work in writing the facts. Though the Watchtower has tried to soil his image and reputation, he has now a far better and solid reputation all over the world between people who benefit of his books.

    I also can understand your feelings, because one of my daughters and a nephew (JW) were victim of sexual abuses (by a non JW). We have also passed through very sad and hard periods, fighting deep depression and suicide thoughts of my daughter...during years.

    She has been through lots of therapists during years and now after almost ten years (since she reminds the facts), she seems well, she feels like having the command of her emotions and life. Not the same for my nephew, who didn't go through therapy....parents (JW) didn't even encourage him to, "well time will help, you will forget, try to think posistive and bla bla bla...", result: he feel attraction for men and though he left the congregations years ago, he is now asked to dissociate, with all the family shunning him! So sad....

    Hope you may build a good and satisfactory life for yourself and found a mate who will undestand you and be of real help!


  • WT=watchtrouble

    G'day Recovering, I am so happy he help you. I am so very sorry you are feeling this way. You will me in my thoughts.

    Take Care Buddy

  • Regretful_J

    Thats great that you got to talk to Ray, I called him once too to thank him for his books and helping me to get out of the JW mindset. It had been very difficult for me because my grandpa has a high level position in one of the Bethel headquarters. One time my grandpa tried to get me to drop my disbelief's in the organization and I brought up Raymond Franz. At first he tried to dodge the subject and redirect it towards his uncle fred franz and say good things about him. After I pressed him further on information on Raymond, he finally claimed that he never knew him personally but that he heard many stories about him from people at headquarters.

    He told me that other GB members would get upset with him from time to time because he would talk about different doubts he has with some congregation elders and they would basically tell him KEEP THAT KIND OF TALK WITHIN THE BODY!!!! Basically he would try to portray him as someone who hides in corners and trys to stir up opposition. In my grandpa's mind this was a justified way of thinking about Raymond Franz, but to me I see it as intimidation. You know how they talk about unity at all times? Yeah right, I think we all know what it really means....

  • EverSoGrateful

    I think all of us know that feeling that you sometimes get after you leave. It can be heartbreaking at times to be away from your family & friends. But try to look at it this way my friend... they are in because they haven't seen their way out. Something has not clicked to get their attention... in order for them to research. You, on the other hand were able to see thru all of the smoke & mirrors. Once you see the real truth of what is going on in the group, then things start to make sense & really.... you should pray for those unfortunate souls who are stuck in there for the time being. Maybe someday they will see the light, but for now they are incapable... as you and I once were..... you have many many friends here.... and all around you. Please stay with us... we need you! love & many huggs...... your new friend.....

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    That is cool that you spoke with Ray!

    I am glad he helped you.

    The Oracle

  • recovering

    Thank you every one for your kind words. i really appreciate it.

  • littlebuddy

    What does Mr. Franz believe in now that he is not a JW ?

  • littlebuddy

    What does Mr. Franz believe in now that he is not a JW as far as things of God ?

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