Wife fully awake.

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  • Giordano

    Cappy congratulations to you and your wife. You guys now get to be in the long game. Choose wisely.

    When I told my wife that I no longer believed in the 'truth', We were in our mid twenties, I assured my wife that I had no intention of asking her to leave the JW world. I was very nervous and had no idea how she would respond.

    She replied that she had never believed in it !!! When we talked about her feelings I found out that the JW's, in their community, had helped her mother and siblings out with food and clothes when they were going through a difficult time. So she was grateful and appreciative and genuinely liked a number of the friends.

    She was like a worldly person who picks out a pleasant church to attend as more of a social convenience then a need to believe.

    She met me early on when I was pioneering where the need was great and we fell in love and she just went along with it because that was our life then.

    I often wonder how many JW's born-in or dragged in just go along with it.

    Anyway we were united in making a new productive life together and and we did. We got out 48 years ago. Being united in heart and mind has made our years together wonderful.

    We did have to make adjustments at first, both mentally and emotionally, and when our families took notice we learned that not being a JW was the 800 pound gorilla in the room with every visit. And it did take a few years to reshape our lives until we could feel 'normal'.

    By the way I think the pedophile issue is really the only door opener to us. How does a JW argue in favor of the WT's policy?

  • StarTrekAngel
    As it turns out, my wife is pretty much in the same boat as yours. I think the only difference is that she has a hard time admitting that she could be just as happy with any other religion. Her faith is pretty marginal to the basic teachings (no stealing, no cross, no trinity, preaching bla bla bla). None of the other bull, but, I believe what happens is that she has no memories of her previous religions (she was too young then) and so she did take on WT idea that all other religions teach only lies and none of them preach like the JW
  • bohm
    Missed this thread, this is awesome. Congratulations to both of you.
  • jhine

    Star Trek Angel , such a pity that WT does such a hatchet job on Christendom . When it's WT that does all the lying .


  • Vidiot

    Giordano - "How does a JW argue in favor of the WT's policy?"

    Like this:

  • Giordano

    Vidiot I agree with you....;.......however I first got this notion that child abuse and the WT policy was fair game to use as an eye opener when my cousin's wife became badly troubled by this issue. Not a JW but a firm Roman Catholic follower and believer. Church a couple of times a week. Good works....... very Christen in her approach to life. Really a kind and decent person.

    When the problem of pedophile priests first became widely known and how the Catholic leadership protected them she was so disturbed that she all but DA herself from the church. She couldn't stand what had been going on with the children.

    We all, on this site, found a line we couldn't cross. I think predators in the KH is one of those lines.

  • kairos
    Any updates to report, Cap'?
  • cappytan

    Kairos: Any updates to report, Cap'?
    She likes reddit better for some reason. She lurked here for a while but lost interest. Haha
    no updates other than she's still exploring her personal beliefs. She's leaning more towards agnosticism now.
    She's past the anger and anxiety of initially waking up and turned her first fake time report in last week.
    We're planning on saving as much cash as possible and moving after a year.
    In the meantime, we are fading quickly. Haven't been to a meeting since the Memorial. No one called us about it until this week (when they were begging for time reports..."real concern" right?)

  • Slave4_38y
    Thanks Cappytan. It's good to see progress.
  • ToesUp

    Cappytan...Oh...that crazy time report! They call us for those too. The Elders are afraid of the CO ripping them a new one and wanting them to shepherd the flock. I think the #'s are declining faster than they want to admit. They ARE worried! I'm so happified!

    Good news about your wife!

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