Do You Miss The Witnesses Even A Little Bit?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am so new at leaving and finding out the truth about this religion that it is hard. I know in a few years I will totally say no. But right now with my husband still in so strong it is hard. There are so many chooses to make that sometimes I just wish I could undo what I know and just go back to being very stupid. I would never do it but life would be a lot easier.

  • d

    I sometimes think about a few people that I liked but not the organization as a whole. Not really I did grow up with this religion so getting the Jw out of my syestem is taking time. I have not been to a KH since 2008 and it feels good. The witness as a whole I can do without.

  • blond-moment

    I used to. However once I really stopped lying to myself and moved past the denial, and really looked at how it was, No I don't miss it. There were people I liked, but there were no close friendships or bonding or anything like that. Honestly when I look back, all I see are fake smiles, detatched people, no real connection with anyone, not even family. Always on edge, never good enough, etc etc. Turns out I was just really good at telling myself, how good it was.

  • d

    I agree blond-moment that in the end you ended up feeling sad and empty and realizing that these people do not have the truth. I started feeling that way by 14 yrs of age.

  • PrincessCynic

    I don't miss the guilt, the meetings, the assemblies, the preaching, the people, the relentless 'spiritual' routine.

    I do miss the feeling that I had all the answers (without having to do anthing more than read a watchtower to find them), that I knew what decision to make every time without having to take responsibility. Thinking for yourself for the first time is a huge shock to the system. I also miss my little fantasy land where I was going to live forever in paradise and travel the world and never get sick.

  • Giordano

    There were a few people I would have enjoyed staying close to..........but the seperation of beliefs and interests could not be overcome. In my opinon validating one anothers faith is the glue that binds a congregation and a friendship in the JW world. The other thing is the busy talk that we shared. We could go for hours. That ends immediatley, no one wants to share private information with a non believer. It was at that point that I realized we really never talked about anything with some depth to it. When I stood back and looked at it all I saw were doors that had closed and friends that had closed off.

    That actually was a good thing because it made moving on the sensible thing to do.

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