Do You Miss The Witnesses Even A Little Bit?

by minimus 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I detect a lot of you miss "Mother".

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I miss being "right", having the "truth." I miss the knowledge that Jehovah was looking after me and protecting me. Lately, I've been remembering a saying I heard from a non-witness when I was a child, "God helps those who help themselves."

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Some individual people I miss ( especially the girlies ), but the stifling over bearing BS religion not the least.

    There was too much orchestrated bullshit happening down at the Kingdom Hall......for me at least

  • feeling good
    feeling good

    Not really the friends I had don't talk to me anymore and I definitley do not miss the organization- No way

  • blondie

    Not a would probably shock them to hear me say so.

  • minimus

    It's easy to detach yourself from persons who don't really love you.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Thankfully, I've managed to hang on to the arrogance that the WTB&TS instilled in me.

    I know that I am right and everyone else is wrong. It's a good feeling.

    Otherwise, I miss the JWs the same way fish miss bicycles.

  • minimus

    Nathan, you are a cocky bastard but I admire that.

  • flipper

    Nope. Not one bit. Have moved on, happily

  • DrJohnStMark

    I do miss a few JW friends of mine. Some of them were really intelligent, and probably still are even if in JWs. It is just that their brain is in an overhand knot.

    In fact, I would like to be not an ex-JW. This does not mean that I would like to be a JW...

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