If Australia Ruled the World

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  • Satanus

    would they turn the world upside down, so that australia was on TOP? Just wondering how stralians and so africans feel about this.


  • Bystander39

    Did you ever see the "Big Cheese" episode of West Wing? CJ (IIRC) was presented with this scenario of changing the world maps to put, as one change, Australia on top by a group of cartographers. She disagreed with it. They asked why. Her reply? "Because it freaks me out."

  • OnTheWayOut

    You mean this?

    Because it would be so radical, maybe they would just put Australia in the middle of a typical (north up) map:

    I don't know. But we would all go for a walk about and say g'day when we pass each other.

    Kangaroos would be the most popular shoes. Footy (Australian football) would be the name of the world's most popular sport.

  • Satanus

    Ya, that's it. And then, of course, they would have to put antartica on the very top of the earth. Guess, we'ld all have to start driving on the wrong side of the road, too.


  • OnTheWayOut

    We're driving on the wrong side now.

  • beksbks

    They might make us drink that crappy beer!

  • jwfacts

    santanus - I always wondered who decided the the Artic was the top and not the bottom.

    beksbks - what crappy beer. we just send the crap to the gullible people overseas and keep the good stuff for ourselves.

    otwo - we already do put australia in the middle of the map, where it belongs.

  • is there help out there
    is there help out there

    We all would be eating Vegimite.

  • Satanus

    Would they export kangaroos to north america? Here in canader, we have huge grasslands, not doing anything. Sending roos out there to graze, their population would explode and the world's meat shortage problem would be solved.


  • ozziepost

    what I've always wondered is this, who says north should be up?

    it's a dang conspiracy, that's what it is!

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