My First Christmas

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  • excito-are

    Hey everyone

    I have decieded to celebrate my first christmas this year. I was a born in JW and now aged 32 and having not been to a meeting in a year this is a big step for me. I don't feel any guilt or worry ( just excitement) which I would of, if I had done this a few years ago. My wife has never been a JW and has went without christmas for 7 years, so she is delighted. This has been the last hurdule for me to overcome and I am well looking forward to it.

    So does anyone have any tips or advice on how to make a good christmas, Decorations e.c.t. What makes a good Christmas?

    Will be having my sister ( she was DF 10 years ago, and never looked back) over with her husband and kids. so they will be happily shocked I guess.


  • darnkid

    I had my first Christmas in 2003. It was the first and last with my two girls. They went to live with their Dad so that they could be witnesses. My 19 year old is baptised and doesn't visit anymore. My youngest just turned 17-so I have one year left with her. I guess things are still a bit tough for me.

    However, my favorite holiday is Christmas. I have a small tree (my house is very small) that I put up and decorate. I love to look at the lights at night. What makes a good Christmas you ask? LOVE. Spend the time with those you LOVE and it will always be great. Don't go overboard on gifts and get into debt-not worth it. Remember--LOVE-that is what makes christmas.

  • whoknows

    I am getting my first Christmas tree in 42 years. I'm not sure how many lights I need, and although I have started collecting ornaments, I know I don't have enough and will have to run out for more. I stopped celebrating at age 15 when my mom converted to JWs. My husband and I left 2 years ago. I couldn't be more thrilled. Not having Christmas was something I never stopped mourning. I always had to distract myself with something (a trip away, etc.) so that I wouldn't get too depressed.

    In my opinion, a nice dinner with those you love on Xmas Eve, with the tree all pretty, is the best part, along with the music. I love the old Christmas carols!


  • Butterflyleia85

    Awww that's so awesome! This coming Dec will be my second, but my first with my fiance!

  • Quandry

    Shop together for ornaments for the tree, whether it is real or fake. Start with each person picking out three. Then of course, you'll need the regular colored balls or other ornaments that you like. Just leave room so that each Christmas you can have at least one or two new ones.

    You'll need music, and something for the door. We made our own wreath. We started with the a greenery wreath and hot-glued berries, mini gift packages, and pine cones to it. These were all items sold at the craft store.

    Enjoy! This is our third year, and my daughter, husband and I are looking forward to it very much! Oh, yes, we also have stockings hung on the mantal. Even the cats have a stocking each.

  • digderidoo

    just enjoy it lol

  • is there help out there
    is there help out there

    Stick it to them, send then all, I nean JW a Xmas card.

  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    So does anyone have any tips or advice on how to make a good christmas, Decorations e.c.t. What makes a good Christmas?

    I still view Christmas as riddled with pagan beliefs and lies such as the belief in santa etc. etc. However people are not aware of these implications and allow theirs hearts to become happy. Others view it as a time that brings a financial burden upon the household. At any rate sharing love is good so that is the fine aspect of the practice. Nothing wrong with showing love to one another........
  • mrsjones5

    I'm thinking of doing a paper christmas: Paper chains, gingerbread people made from paper bags. I think I need to channel Martha Stewart.

  • blondie

    We do a Secret Santa, and a christmas card list every year...........

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