How Many Here Actually "Studied" The Publications?

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  • minimus

    The pablum served now is a poor excuse for nutritious spiritual food.

  • RR

    I was so bad, that when I got the new books at the convention, I actually read it cover to cover on the bus/train ride back home. It usually took me 2 days to read the 192 page books on the train ride to and from work. I styudied the Watchtowers and the books for meetings.

  • minimus

    RR, and the result was that your studies made you leave! Too bad you stayed with Russell's false prophecies, though. That, I'll never comprehend.

  • kurtbethel

    As a "study" I study the Bible Teach and other literature in detail, checking for sources to verify their claims. It annoys the hell out of the dubs who are "teaching" me, as they prefer I parrot back the answers to their contrived questions.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    I actually studied the publications....although I have to admit the last couple years it was a much different style of studying....

    I remember my preparation for the Watchtower Study ( I happened to be the conductor) included hitting the web for all the latest information on the subject at hand. My personal challenge was to weave in as many apostate viewpoints as possible throughout the study without creating a stampede to the platform to have me tackled and removed from the building. I am happy to report that each study was chock full of "apostate" viewpoints.

    Like some other posters - even before my awakening, the research I conducted simply studying the publications lead to many seeds of doubt taking root. Ironically enough the governing body's admonition to study the deep things of god is what leads many people to discovering the real truth and eventually abandoning the JW faith.


    The Oracle

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