Our Kingdom Ministry 2009 tells sick & infirm NOT to view telephone hook-up as convenient alternative to being “personally present” at KH!

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  • DaCheech

    they count the people on the phone as "attendance"

    so, if they would play that card on me, I would play my cards and not come in at all!

    they control the ones that let them control them!

    they don't let me phone in? then no attendance and f&%&ck them!

  • kurtbethel

    This is not the behavior one would expect from an organization charged to preach the kingdom to all the nations. At the very least the IT person at the KH would set up streaming audio of each meeting, and those who are worth their salt could stream video and have archived podcasts.

    The telephone was invented in the 19th century you know!

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    Does anyone still think this is not a cult? Ho-chee-mama!

    The Oracle

  • SirNose586

    When I was an MS, there was a family which would often call in to request the tie-in line (in the days before the automated password system). I don't think they were sick as much as stressed out and embarassed; the mother could barely control her screaming infant, and probably just wanted to experience the meeting without the heads turning around to glare at her.

    But now you must never "phone it in"! COME TO YOUR MEETINGS, LEAVE YOUR COMFORTABLE HOUSE....

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The phone hookups for meetings have really changed. I used to use it for a while and it was always a fiasco. There were very few meetings where I did not get cut off and have to phone back in, sometimes more than once.

    I also had to use the three way calling on my phone and hookup a couple of others with me. One man ALWAYS fell asleep and snored loudly through each meeting. I had a mute button, but he didn't.

    Last I heard, the older ladies were kind of fighting over who was sicker and got to use the phone, as there was a limited number available. Some got their feelings hurt as they were not judged sick (worthy) enough and were denied access.

    At the same time, the older ladies couldn't find anyone to give them a ride to the meeting and did not want to drive at night. The lack of concern for the sick and elderly is shameful.

  • Billen76

    5 years ago, I as an still eager MS suggested to an elder in the congregation, that we arranged phone hook-up's and internet transmission. The elder, who btw was pot and pan with Bethel and lived free of charge in the appartment of our KH, looked at me as I had said something highly suspicious. As I had really bad motives and tried to undermine everything.

    It is about control, as always. They, as always, instills bad conscience in those, that tries to use the phone-hookup: "Do you REALLY need to" "Someone may be needing it MORE than you" "In Africa a sister traveled 30 miles, swam across rivers, fougth her way through the jungle, wrestled with lions and ran from gepards, just to attend a meeting by being there in person. Isn't that INSPIRING!!" "What will YOU do to attend meetings in person?" ... and you goes

    As always, the witnesses are treated as they were small norty children that needs to be corrected. "If you do not eat your meat, you do not please Jehova and Harmageddon will come an take you!"

    I guess GB knows very well, the flock needs their regular hypnosis to not start get the feeling "somethings not quite right here".

  • Snoozy

    When my FIL was sick with bone cancer they would tape the meetings for him and bring them over.

    My MIL has since broke her hip and it never mended right. I am sure she either has her daughter tape the meetings or does the phone thing. She is losing her eyesight as well so I don't think she could do the phone thing alone.

    When I was going we had a few that came that were sick. One brother had both legs removed because of diabetes..he was in pain and yet his wife pushed him into the meetings in a wheelchair.

    Another brother had cancer and I would see him come and be in such pain he would shake in his chair. It was hard to see. His pain was so great I saw him in the Drs office once with another brother that brought him in the office for a morphine shot.

    They were taught as I was to endure all the pain you could for Jehovah..it proved your loyalty to him.

    And I was stupid/gullable enough to fall for it.

    Kinda pisses you off when you think about it and some of the stuff you went through.


  • Mrs. Peck
    Mrs. Peck

    Ummm......I don't think that is what they are implying in all fairness, there are always the freeloaders and people who would take advantage of any convenience offered them. Just my opinion........

  • Sharpie

    Well it's simple. There are no contribution boxes at home. So get to the Hall. EVEN IF YOU'RE SICK lol

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hence, the elders overseeing such an arrangement would want to organize and monitor its use so that "all things take place decently and by arrangement." 1 Cor. 14:40.

    Most witnesses I knew wouldn't call because there was heavy, cruel gossip about those who did, especially if someone was spotted uptown going to the doctor or picking up an Rx.

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