Our Kingdom Ministry 2009 tells sick & infirm NOT to view telephone hook-up as convenient alternative to being “personally present” at KH!

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  • watson

    Mini and Mad beat me to it..$$

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    .... and once you're at the KH, they'll often place signs on the last two rows of seats "to save these for the families with small children" (that's the case at the local KH where I live. What's next for the flock ... cattle prods?

  • rocketman

    Undercover wrote:

    "Another way of looking at it... How many articles that mention the infrim and elderly actually talk about charity and the congregation looking after them and feeding them, and assisiting them? Very few, if any. Christian charity among their own is not important as meeting attendance."

    This is where, I think, the religion really fails in this particular matter. And I also agree w Undercover that the KM statements are not the biggest deal, but do show the sly, manipulative techiniques used to guilt people.

    But essentially, they don't want people just sitting home and listening in unless there's a good reason. That in itself is not so terrible. I can imagine there are some able-bodied jws who might kind of lazily rely on the phone system.

  • nelly136

    the $$££ is a good point as to why they'd be reluctant to let people use it too much, if theyre providing phone lines at a cost to the kingdom hall then thats going out and not coming in. that would be an inconvinience to the coffers.

    contributions are for real estate and printing press fodder, although the halls are all registered as charitable entities, they pay their own bills and then the rest is designated back to the borg.

    given the choice probably more would stay at home and listen than turn up at all, the idea is they're expected to give, not to receive

    room, i thought half the fun of the meeting was making us kids sit near the front under the glare of the speaker so if we played up, we had the loving provision ......long walk of shame (while everyone gloated) to toilet out back for our beatings. oh and the walk of shame back, when you were trying hard not to cry and everyone could see you were a suitable glowing shade of red blotchy'n' puffy.

  • besty

    In print:

    Hence, the elders overseeing such an arrangement would want to organize and monitor its use so that "all things take place decently and by arrangement." 1 Cor. 14:40.

    In practice:

    the elders in this area control the password. They change it frequently. Even if you have the phone number, you can't access the meeting without the password. You can't get the password unless you go to an elder to get it. You can't get the password unless the elder judges that your situation warrants it. And you have to do this for every meeting. It is proving to be quite an irritant for older jws and the family that help them. The older jw has to make the request directly, their adult jw children cannot do it for them.
  • ninja

    is the brother who sets the phone line up called the kingdom hall hooker?

  • chickpea

    just another way to keep the dic in dictator

  • AuntBee

    Luke: Maybe they don't want opposers/apostates/researchers listening in. Many have observed that things are said verbally at meetings and assemblies that are not put into print.

    When i first started researching WT, and reading the pubs, this was one thing that really struck me .The utter hopelessness, guilt and sadness this whole system must induce in people who are already suffering physically and emotionally, and would never be able to even keep up with this scene, let alone get privileges, and respect, etc. Maybe i'm sensitive to this because my husband is disabled, and sometimes cannot even go out or drive for weeks at a time. -- Even if a person has sub-standard energy level, etc, this religion could be devastating, because it's so performance based. If you were disabled, i think it would feel like a parapalegic attending some extreme church that teaches everyone is healed, unless they don't have enough faith!!

  • logic

    The scripture I often refer to for any self rightious jw is James 1:27.


    Why would anyone..

    Want to miss a WBT$ Meeting?

    Old and Sick People are Whiners!

    .................... ...OUTLAW

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