Our Kingdom Ministry 2009 tells sick & infirm NOT to view telephone hook-up as convenient alternative to being “personally present” at KH!

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  • restrangled

    Too funny....my mom told me this morning she was too exhausted to go to the KH last night so did the phone line hook up. She conked out during the first song, and woke up during the concluding prayer.

    As Sylvia says: Tee Hee Hee!


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    Don't stretch the truth. It gives us Apostates a bad look.

    I agree. I don't think the article is targeting those are sick and infirm, but rather those who aren't. This seems a bit petty to me. There are plenty of legitimately stupid things the society writes without having to distort their words.

  • BluesBrother

    I know someone who has just been granted the "privilege" of access to the telephone hook up line. She can attend on her "good days", but misses a lot due to poor health.

    Trouble is that the congo seem to be technophobes and the line is frequently unavailable. It cuts off after an hour and you have to re dial, to save them money.

    She says that it would never be an easy option. How would you like to sit at home for 2 hours with Bro Drone going on and on in your ear?. It may be better if one had a speaker phone, but few do. Of course you cannot answer up.

    Regarding the article I think we should not scream "outrage!" - it is more balanced than some posters make out, but it is not without blame either . It does minimize the difficulties and lacks compassion for those who need it. The tone could be a lot warmer and commend those use it ....

  • sir82

    Restrangled's post brings another thought to mind....

    One of the important myths that the WTS promotes is that somehow the meetings are "refreshing".

    How many times have you heard commented, or read in the WT, that "if you're feeling tired, just go to the meeting! By the end, you'll feel much better than you did before!"

    Of course, that's a load of horse-puckey, but the WTS promotes it anyway.

    But what if suddenly, due to better technology, 10%, 15%, 20% of the congregation can now choose to stay home and just listen in.....and the rest of the poor suckers at the Kingdom Hall notice this ("hey, they said the attendance was 85, but I didn't see more than 60 people here")....well, that's pretty striking evidence that the statement "the meetings will make you feel better" is patently false.

    And of course, all it takes is one crack in the dam..."hey, if what they say about 'refreshing meetings' is wrong, what else might they have wrong?"

  • Gorki

    Why not broadcast the meetings live on Internet open for everyone? Many churches do that and gain new members.

  • truthseekeriam

    Funny, We actually called in the other night to listen in and the local needs talk was just on this...LOL

    So I hung up and looked at my husband and said..."we tried"

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Well you cant get the full benefit of the conditioning if your at home. You have to be at the meeting with the mello music that puts you slowly into a hypnotic trance (never noticed that there is not one uptempo song in the songbook.) The speaker in the center and reader to the side to create dual focus and the mike cariers moving back and forth all to aide in the side to side eye movement, while the BORG conditions you to believe their BS.

  • bennyk

    Blondie stated:

    the elders in this area control the password. They change it frequently. Even if you have the phone number, you can't access the meeting without the password. You can't get the password unless you go to an elder to get it. You can't get the password unless the elder judges that your situation warrants it. And you have to do this for every meeting. It is proving to be quite an irritant for older jws and the family that help them. The older jw has to make the request directly, their adult jw children cannot do it for them.

    This could increase rather than restrict the possibilities for fading...

  • 1914BS

    The telephone meetings are a perfect way to fade

  • monkeyman

    It's not about the $. It's about control. The cold hearted bastards love this stuff because it gives them carte blanche to have a meeting to judge whose worthy and whose not.

    Interestingly, it's the Service Dept, headed by T Jaracz who writes the KM, not Writing Dept, headed by Barr, I think. You can tell the difference in style. You'd never find such drivel in the WT. I read somewhere on this site that these two camps dont like each other.

    It's the same with the signs on the back two rows. That was in the KM also. Control, Control, Control. It now gives them something to do.

    I know where the elders had a 3 hr meeting on a Sunday to discuss where the congregation should sit. They also posted MS to stand by those 2 rows like guards to block anyone who "violated" the signage. Nice huh?

    Couldn't wait to go to the meeting to feel the love.

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