Need help disproving 607BCE

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  • Leolaia

    Thanks, Doug Mason. So it turns out that pseudo-scholar mixed up the question of unity with the question of authorship when he wrote "Ezra wrote Chronicles according to scholarship right up to 1968 when dissenting scholars challenged that opinion." For the paragraph in question says:

    The modern theory of the Chronicler's History was set out originally by L. Zunz (1832) and F C. Movers (1834), and it became widely accepted in biblical scholarship until the latter half of the twentieth century. Demurring voices were few, limited to A. C. Welch (1935) and M. H. Segal (1943, in Hebrew). M. Noth's major work on the Chronicler's History, for example, continued to accept Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah as a single work, affirming that "there is no need to start with a demonstration of the work's literary unity" (Noth 1987, 29). It was not until S. Japhet (1968) and H. G. M. Williamson (1977) raised substantial objections to the theory that the situation began to change. Their arguments have proved so persuasive, however, that the situation is now almost completely reversed, and the dominant view among scholars is that Chronicles and Ezra-Nehemiah were separate works.

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