"I don't want to be a...

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  • mrsjones5

    "JWs are pain in the A$$ES, but people ought to be more tolerant."

    My neighbor didn't say what she said to their faces. She wasn't home when the jws came by. I've seen the jw woman before, she used to called on another neighbor two door down in the opposite direction and I have a feeling that she had spoken to my next door neighbor before which resulted in the jw rags being left at her door, which in my mind means she has been very tolerant.

    I had my windows open and the tv on which can be heard from the walkway, anyone walking by could tell that someone was home in my apartment but the jw couple didn't knock on my door or leave any glad rags at my door. I wonder why?

  • wobble

    Yup, they have been in my neck of the woods quite a bit lately, doing the 1st call , and then N.H and Rv's I 'spose, we live in a hamlet of about 20 houses.

    They know I work from home,the car is in the drive, but they do not call.

    I wonder if it is because they KNOW I don't want to be a fu***ng Jehovah's Witness ?



  • jookbeard

    They keep this rude intrusion in peoples lives what do they expect at times?

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