JW mother makes sick video.....comments please.

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  • minimus

    Who was I stirring the pot with? I simply gave my opinion. It's a discussion board. It's allowed. I didn't say anything about them all being wicked people.

  • minimus

    If you look at that definition of child abuse by Twinkletoes, you would have to conclude that most every parent is guilty of child abuse. The imperfect mom or dad could adversely affect their child by "frightening" them and that's "child abuse"? Once again, you've got to be kidding me. Some parents are mediocre nurturers, now they're "child abusers"?

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes
    The imperfect mom or dad could adversely affect their child by "frightening"

    agreed! I too found this definition very broad. Parenting is hard and full of choices most of us don't always get right. However, I think that in my generation ( having small children now) we pay alot closer attention to what our kids are learning than my parents ever did. Except the mom in this video of course, she doesn't seem to have an (age appropriate) edit button.

  • cameo-d

    To talk to a child that young about cutting a baby in half? And repeating those words over and over?

    I guess this will desensitize the child at a young age. The mother has a sickening violence about her. If this child continues to live with a mother like this, she is going to be F***up. I hope social services takes this kid out of the home for some reason before this indoctrination continues for too long.

    What happens when the child decides to act out what she has heard and remembers cutting the baby in half?

    What if she is with her playmate fighting over who gets to "be the mother" and her baby brother is at stake?

  • minimus

    You don't think that Jewish parents, for generations, taught Biblical stories to their families? They were instructed to inculcate into the children the Bible in its entirety. I can't imagine a child not being told about some scary or gross scene depicted in the Bible.

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