JW mother makes sick video.....comments please.

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  • JWoods

    I think there is a small but significant number of JWs who actually get a positive buzz of personal gratification from pushing the weirdness of the JW system into other people's faces as publicly as possible. I have known a few who did this...it is sort of akin to the wild promotions of PETA or the over the top gay rights marches.

    Most witnesses are secretly a little (or a lot) ashamed of their JW image to the ordinary population, and try to keep it under wraps as much as possible. Particularly, the JW kids in school learn this very well and very early.

  • mouthy

    I believe it is child abuse .Min.... Sorry if you dont.It is abuse
    messing with a baby's mind.Child abuse

    All of the folks that attended the support group
    mentioned how hard it was for them to sleep
    after the Paradise book & all falling in to the abyss
    I think every time that kid sees a nail, blood,babies
    will think about what she was being taught right there
    I am VERY ANGRY!!!!!

  • mouthy

    I challenge any of you who claim this is actual "child abuse"

    I am going to ruddy well TRY!!!!!

  • minimus

    Then put your money where your mouth is, Mouthy, report such parents to the authorities. Surely you know this JW parent is not the only one doing this. So go for it.

  • mouthy

    I dont think many JW mothers would be doing that kind of teaching

    Come on Mini Most are good Mothers,,,, that one is mental

  • minimus

    I learned from the old Paradise book with all its pictures. My mother must be a bad mother and mental too.

  • peacedog

    In my experience most jw mothers would do this... The minority would not. But that's just my experience.

  • minimus

    Peacedog, I think it's correct, especially if a parent is a diehard Witness. We were raised to look at Santa Claus as "bad". Birthday cake was sacrificing to the demons. The nice neighborhood boy didn't love Jehovah so he was "bad" association.

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    Well Mouthy ,

    I have to say I would like to retract my earlier comment. After reading the posts I did a little research on what the actual definition of abuse and I found this quote: "Child abuse" can be defined as causing or permitting any harmful or offensive contact on a child's body; and, any communication or transaction of any kind which humiliates, shames, or frightens the child. Some child development experts go a bit further, and define child abuse as any act or omission, which fails to nurture or in the upbringing of the children.

    Child abuse can have the following consequences :

    1. It will encourage your child to lie, resent, fear, and retaliate, instead of loving, trusting, and listening
    2. It will alienate your child from you and the rest of your family & make him a recluse.
    3. It will lower your child's self esteem, and affect your child's psychological development and ability to behave normally outside his home.
    4. When your child grows up, your child could probably carry on the family tradition, and abuse your grandchildren.
    5. Your child may exclude you from his adult life. For example, you might not be invited to your child's wedding, or not be allowed any contact or relationship with your grandchildren.

    ( end quote)

    So by definition she indeed is comiting child abuse. With the only side note being that the little girl didn't seem terribly upset by the interaction. However, like Sixofnine pointed out, she is probably being tramatized into thinking its O.K. to cut baby's in half, and such. This will give her a messed up sense of right and wrong. Which maybe is the proplem with most of us here; We saw what we were taught from infancy as being absolutely right and are now having a hard time making sense of it all.

    I also talked with a few of my siblings who shared with me that after the last study of the Revelation book, that their children were having a hard time sleeping. They were very frightened of wild beasts and the like. My brother said he won't read his kids the bible story book anymore and is using another baptist bible story book which has nice pictures and tells unscarry stories.

    Sorry Minimus, I'm switching sides. ( By definition then it makes my mother a child abuser too)

  • mouthy

    Thank you so much Twinkle Toes.

    You put into words ,that which I was not able.
    But I must say...All the years I was a JW ( 25yrs)
    I really dont think any of my "sisters?" would
    have made that video.

    I will apologise MIn. But you do like to stir the pot
    they are NOT all wicked people. I still love many of them

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