A gun was pulled on my mum.

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  • LouBelle

    11 am in the morning, a very busy road, a very busy banks' parking lot. My mother walked down the stairs to her car and saw a masked man run around her car and come up to her. He pointed a gun at her chest. My mother screamed and ran back up.


    She is alive an that is what is important. She said the whole time she was running up the stairs she thought she would be shot in the back.

    The men had robbed 2 women and drove off in a stolen car.

    I got extremely angry when she told me - not at her, but that our lives have no value to these criminals. Human life is worth R 2000 ($300 - this is how much a stolen car will sell for), or a cellphone or sometimes - nothing. (A friend of a friend was shot in the stomach and drove off and died on her own - they didn't get anything, but they took her life)

    Anger at the criminals. Anger at the government for making this country a criminals paradise.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    We were robbed at gun point when we were at Bethel. I still am angry at it. We were demanded to go by an older sister in the hall to see her mom. My husband was an elder and she was pissed off that we had not went to see her mother yet. Only she did not tell us that her mom lived in one of the worst parts of Brooklyn. So we went and were robbed at gun point and the sister was get this still mad that we never made it to her moms. I guess after having your life threatened we should have just kept going? The sister said this is Brooklyn what did you expect. The sister never said 'I am sorry I forgot to tell you mom lives in a area where white people should not go'. Nothing but being more pissed at me husband for the rest of the time we were in the hall.

    Bethel was the same way. They were mad at us for putting ourselves in danger. They said why did you listen to that sister you should have known that you could not be there. No one told us You could not win. And Bethel would not let us move to a different hall they said to tough it out where we were. The white DO two weeks latter got mugged at the same spot that we did and Bethel started to go off on him and he flipped out. We were not as important as a DO though.

    I love the feeling of love in this religion that I have felt.

  • Newborn

    Thank god your mum is alright!!! That's really scarry...

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am sorry when I first posted this I forgot to say the anger you have. I agree with you LouBelle. The anger at no one caring. There is nothing you can do. I still have the anger. You just try not to think about it.

    I should have said I am sorry about what your mom went through. It is so hard and my heart goes out to you both. LITS

  • leavingwt

    I'm so sorry that this happened to your mom. How scary!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear LouBelle :

    Yes, life is cheap. In their eyes. I'm glad your mum's all right. Sorry for your grief and anger.



  • Robdar

    Oh! Thank God your mother is okay!

  • Casper

    ... Goodness !!! So glad to hear your Mom is okay, I'm sure that was very scary for you both.

    You have a right to be angry !!! I can't imagine going thru something like that, I wouldn't be able to calm down for days.

    I got extremely angry when she told me - not at her, but that our lives have no value to these criminals.

    I can understand your feelings, we just had a little 2yr. old boy murdered in our town, two days ago. The Mother's boyfriend is in jail facing murder charges... the life of a child meant nothing to him.



  • snowbird

    I'm so glad she wasn't hurt badly or killed, LouBelle!



  • OnTheWayOut

    Happy to hear your mother just ran- and wasn't shot.

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