Watchtower's version of Science

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  • Giordano

    That's a good guess: TWTP W.E.Van Amberg: The Way To Paradise, 1924

    Here's a site that has the full paragraph:

    "You will find valuable information in the older publications." Our Kingdom Ministry, Jan 1988, p. 7

    like the following????

    1925 "You have made all preparations for father and mother. The home is all ready; a special room is prepared for them, fitted with every thing you can think of that might give pleasure and delight. You then call up the princes at Jerusalem, state your case, and make request that your father and your mother might be awakened. In joyful expectancy you wait. Some morning you hear talking in the room you have prepared. There was no one there last night. You know that there are no thieves or intruders; for all such experiences have been eliminated. You do not need to be fearful; so you listen at the door. You hear father's familiar voice saying, 'Mother, where are we? Are we dreaming? Why, I thought I attended your funeral last summer; then I was taken sick, and they had the doctor, and that is the last I can remember.' Mother says: 'I don't understand it either, Dear. The last I can remember is that I was so sick, and you and the doctors were standing at the bedside, and you were holding my hand. What has happened? We are not sick now, and this room is different from any room I ever saw. It is so beautiful and everything is so peaceful. Just hear those birds sing, and did you ever! Why, where did you get that suit of clothes? You are handsome as you were on our wedding day.'" {TWTP 228-9}

  • pronomono
    Giordano, that's a beautiful excerpt, just like most fairytales are. I bet that was an effective piece of propaganda in it's day.
  • bamse
    Thank you both.

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