Watchtower's version of Science

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  • Giordano

    “Air baths are good for preventing colds. What you do is strip naked mornings and evenings and then bob up and down for a while.” Golden-Age Feb 1926 pg 310

    “Color and Physiognomy.....a man whose nose upturns can no more be expected to administer justice than a pug dog can be expected to act as a shepherd.”

    Golden Age Jan 19 1921 pg. 224 (Later the Awake Magazine) “Vaccination never prevented anything and never will and is the most barbarous practice......We are in the last days; and the devil is slowly losing his hold.........Use your rights as American citizens to forever abolish the devilish practice of vaccination (which) has never prevented smallpox any more then serum injection has prevented typhoid.........” Golden-Age Oct 12 1921.
    • “It has never been proven that a single disease is due to germs.” Golden-Age Jan 16 1924
    (This was a dozen years after medicine had proven bacteria and viruses caused most diseases) (Speaking about the resurrection after 1925) the writer suggests the following in TWTP pg 228 on how to recruit decorators to redecorate the homes that would now be available.) “You will have secured the services of the best decorators you can find. Some of them used to be undertakers; but since there are no more people dying, they have to seek some new occupation. Their experience as undertakers prepared them to become decorators with very little difficulty.” (After maintaining that there would be ‘no slip ups’ about the importance of 1925 the Society backtracks telling those who were greatly disappointed that....... “Some anticipated that the work would end in 1925..................The difficulty was that the friends inflated their imagination beyond reason......”WT Aug 1 1926 pg 232 “Pastor Russell....discussed the mysteries of.......mental telepathy, mind reading and women’s intuition.” Golden-Age Feb 15 1925 pg 332-3
    The Flood may have been caused by all of the other planets being on one side of the earth simultaneously. God may have inserted the “youngest” planet Neptune on the other side to act as a gravitational corrective to make sure it cannot happen again!’ Golden-Age Jun 16 1926 pg 583 “Human footprints seven feet long found in California.” Golden-Age Jane 13 1926 “Disease (is caused by) fermentation and heat.........not germs. GA Aug 25 1926 “....current agitation over birth control (is evidence that) the ‘New Age’ is at hand.” GA Apr 7 1926
    One under Demon Attack should calmly.....investigate his house and household articles. In some few cases the house may be the cause of trouble and the best thing to do is move out.
    The Watchtower December 15, 1966, p.742


    HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! OMG!!! LOL!!!!


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    "On the shoulders of giants"
  • sir82

    I've seen a lot of these before, but the one about Neptune is new to me.

    Priceless! Ya gotta admit, these guys had some imaginations!


    Watchtower's version of Science..



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  • WTWizard

    Air baths good to prevent colds? And not a peep about vitamin D or C. When I started taking vitamin C, I got maybe 1/3 as many colds as without it (roughly 2,000 mg twice a day). And, when I add vitamin D to the mix, I slash the remaining colds to about half or less--and even then it is when it is excessively dry and hot inside.

    I will not say whether vaccines prevent disease or not. Many have the potential to do this but are nothing but scams. However, I will not be dogmatic as to whether you choose to get vaccinated or not, or if you choose certain shots but want to skip certain others. To make the decision for others not based on science is just plain wrong--and certainly to get Satan involved is blasphemous (to Satan).

  • Vidiot

    "Watchtower's version of Science"? Seriously???


    Alchemy has a better track record.

  • bamse
    Thank you. But what is "TWTP"?
  • pronomono
    Haha. Good collection.
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Bamse - 'the way to paradise'?

    I'm guessing..

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