18-Year Relationship Ended Today...

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  • jamiebowers

    ...when I had my dear old cat, Puss Puss put down this morning. I had her for 18 years. Last night I bathed her and used the blow dryer and brush on her matted fur, and she didn't even try to fight me. I knew then that it was time for her to go. We saved her life three times; when I adopted her as a stray, when we paid for very expensive exploratory surgery that resulted in a hysterectomy and when we paid for very expensive supplements to combat a severe case of megacolon.

    She was a very loving cat to everyone except me...probably because I was the one who administered her medication, cleaned her bed, litter box, bathed and brushed her, etc., and she fought me like a tigress every time until the last time.

    My dear husband and I have been crying on and off all day. I've never lived with anyone longer, and I miss her.

    She's the one in my avatar.

  • Satanus

    Oh my. Sorry to hear that.


  • Robdar

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Our dear pets have a way of getting into our hearts and I thank God for their love and companionship.


  • AudeSapere

    ... and we always remember them.

    I was just talking about my kitty today. He's been gone for over 3 years.

    Sorry to hear this sad news.


  • worldtraveller

    I believe that the only cure for what is ailing you right now is to replace your pet with one in more need. Your shelter can provide you with another soulmate. In our house, we just wait patiently and animals simply appear at our door. We have two cats that get on each others nerves, so we decided to make it worse by throwing a hairy teacup chihuahua into the mix. (all were newborns) The chasing around the entire house all day is a sight to see. The dog is such a shit disturber.

    On a sad note, we had to put to rest an older cat we rescued many years ago. She had a bad habit of chewing herself 'till she bled everywhere. Her name was "Tribble". Looked like one of those tribbles from that old episode of Star Trek. We had her for about 10 years.

    My condolences to you . Bill.

  • Casper
    I had my dear old cat, Puss Puss put down this morning. I had her for 18 years.

    I'm so sorry.

    I remember several months ago, you and I found out on a thread that we both had older cats named Puss Puss... I lost mine 2 months ago, she was also 18.

    My heart goes out to you, we get so attached. Just yesterday I could have sworn I heard her meow.



  • BabaYaga

    Aw, Hon, I'm so sorry. I know how that feels. They are family, no doubt about it.

    Rest in peace as only a cat knows how, and pounce with utter abandon on all the little angel mice, Puss Puss!


  • PEC

    Sorry for the loss of Puss Puss. (((((Jamie)))))


  • flipper

    JAMIE- I'm so sorry for the loss of your cat. Hugs to you and your husband from my wife and me. We've had cats and dogs for years and it's really hard losing a pet you are close to for so many years. Hang in there , it takes time . Sincerely, Mr. Flipper

  • Confession

    Love to you.

    I love my cat too.


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